What on Earth Is Merlinite?

Merlinite was named after Merlin, the wizard, because of its ability to attract magical and mystical experiences to those wearing it. It is usually black and white, but some stones have bluish black and deep grey colours. It is found only in New Mexico, USA.

The Physical Properties of Merlinite

The Merlinite stone is a combination of opalized agate containing inclusions of the dendrites, which is why it is also called dendritic opal and dendritic agate (although that’s not a pure form of opal). The term “dendritic” is used to describe anything that has inclusions of moss, tree, or fern. Merlinite is a label given to this specific form of mixed agates as it’s not a classified mineral name. The stone has a hardness of 6-7 on the Mohs scale, and it’s often confused with Mystic Merlinite (also called Indigo Gabbro).

The History of Merlinite

Merlinite is a trade-name for a stone included with psilomelane, which is a group name for hard black manganese oxides. The many different minerals that can be present in Merlinite (such as hausmannite, pyrolusite hollandite, coronadite, barium, potassium, cryptomelane, and braunite) combined with druzy, tiny quartz crystal make Merlinite a rare version of the manganese stone.

The Lore of Merlinite

Also known as the Magic Bearer, Merlinite is believed to reveal things for what they truly are by helping remove the perception of illusion. It is a stone of duality because it speaks about the black and white, and the dark and light. Merlinite can attract powerful magic and good luck in one’s life. Its energies can enhance spiritual power, clear out psychic visions, and invite the discovery of the darker and profound parts of one’s being. They will encourage the stone’s bearer to communicate with the spirits from the other side and help develop their psychic knowing.

The Metaphysical Properties of Merlinite

Merlinite has a shamanistic vibration because it allows one to access the natural world’s energy and communicate with all the elemental beings. It is known to stimulate spiritual mediumship, psychic knowing, and deep intuition. Belief is that Merlinite can help conjure the memories of wizards and alchemists, such as the wizard Merlin. Also, it can help you make contact with teachers and guides in the higher realms. It allows using the stone as a source of enlightenment because of knowledge of both dark and light that can bring an understanding of who you are.

Merlinite aids the birth of clear psychic visions and creativity. It’s a stone of duality that can allow one to experience the dark aspects of your higher self. Merlinite vibration blend earthly and heavenly energy, helping you stay approachable and open to promote spiritual growth. The stone inspires one to embrace things that occur and that are different from one’s usual way of living life. It will help to understand the aspects of the God and Goddess better and to balance the masculine and feminine energies within. Merlinite strongly resonates within the third eye chakra and is said to aid the development of psychic knowing and mediumistic abilities.


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