Smoky Quartz

The most important deposits of Smoky Quartz are in Scotland, Switzerland, Australia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Brazil, and the United States. The stone is almost always transparent to translucent (even in its darkest colour), and ranges from light grayish-brown to black.

The Physical Properties of Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a silicon dioxide like other quartz gemstones. Its colour results from free silicon form. The stone owes its variety of colour to the presence of traces of aluminum in its crystal lattice as well as to gamma irradiation. When viewed in polarized light, Smoky Quartz is dichroic (goes from lighter reddish-brown to darker yellow-brown.) Found in different environments, it’s most characteristic of cavities in pegmatites and other igneous and metamorphic rocks. The hardness of Smoky Quartz is 7 (on the Mohs scale.)

The History of Smoky Quartz

Often cut into cabochons and beads, Smoky Quartz is in earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, and rings. The country with the longest historical association with it is Scotland, which made it their national gem. The stones were a prominent jewel stone in Highlander apparel. Known as the power stone, Smoky Quartz was added to the handles of Scottish swords and daggers as well as to their kilted dress uniforms.

In ancient China, Smoky Quartz was for making snuff bottles, while the Romans used it for carving intaglio seals. The Sumerians, who invented the written language (around 3100 BC), used it as one of the first gemstones to write on. The Egyptians used Smoky Quartz to make jewelry, such as scarab figures and beads.

The Lore of Smoky Quartz

Known as a Stone of Power, ancient Druids believed that it had the dark power of Earth deities. In other cultures, it served in tribal ceremonies, shamanistic rituals, and guided souls to the afterlife. It helps in neutralizing any worry about failure and offers clear insights, so it is excellent to use for scrying. It promotes logical and positive thought processes and is also worn in spells or during rituals as a grounding stone, offering discrimination and wisdom to the one wearing it.

The Metaphysical Properties of Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a grounded stone, meaning that it brings emotional calmness and helps people be more firm about what is unwanted and what is necessary. It attracts and removes energy blockages, neutralizing it neutrally by releasing into the ground. These blockages are negative emotions, such as stress, anger, jealousy, and fear, transforming them into relaxation, serenity, and security. It helps the one wearing it to get rid of unproductive people. Also, it provides a shield against environmental and emotional stress, psychic attack, and used in meditation and healing.

Smoky Quartz assists with relieving grief by teaching one how to move on and leave behind what no longer serves them well. It helps in daily existence as well as with improving cooperation with others, reaching business goals, granting wishes, and prioritizing wants and needs. Smoky Quartz is a stone that brings general good luck, abundance, and prosperity. As for health properties, it is said to treat illnesses associated with the lower part of the torso, relieve of fluid retention, and regulate bodily fluids. The stone works to improve general fertility issues, reproductive organs, kidneys, pancreas, as well as recurring headaches.


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