What on Earth Is Shungite?

Shungite rock is a unique mineral and a stone believed to have incredible physical and healing properties often referred to as the Stone of Life and the Miracle Stone.

The Physical Properties of Shungite

Shungite is a black-colored, particular stone owing to its structure. It has trace amounts of fullerenes, which provide far more developed carbon than the variety that is in coal. Its carbon matrix is usually classified as C60 on the mineral scale, meaning that Shungite is much stronger than coal carbon. Shungite is what remained of Earth’s first oil deposits from the Precambrian era, and it has a biogenic origin.

Shungite’s score on Mohs hardness scale can vary, but it’s usually around 4, and it often has a semimetallic or metallic luster. However, it does not possess the crystallization capabilities of graphite or diamond.

The History of Shungite

Shungite originates from the Karelia region of Russia. It got its name in 1879, from the locality from which it was first mined in the mid-19th century, the Shunga village on Onega lake. It was said that Czar Peter of Russia frequently traveled to this region to drink water that was infused and cleansed by Shungite. The healing properties of the stone allegedly benefited his body, mind, and soul. Ever since, Shungite has been regarded in Russia as a pure substance, especially for cleansing water. Other localities where Shungite has been found are in Austria, Central Africa, Kazakhstan, India, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Lore of Shungite

Due to its relatively recent discovery, there’s not much information to be found about Shungite in ancient resources. Still, ever since its peculiar structure containing fullerenes has been investigated, Shungite has been thought of as a stone of magic and protection from negative everyday influences. In fact, in magic lore, its black color signifies protection from evil or harmful magic, blocking psychic occurrences and malevolent force.

The Metaphysical Properties of Shungite

Astrologers, crystal therapists, and enthusiasts use the stone for its numerous health and emotional benefits. The specific carbon form found in some specimens can be quite healing for the human body. Shungite is said to be able to treat insomnia, anxiety, as well as various inflammatory processes — even acne. It rejuvenates cells in the body, assisting your physical healing. There have also been reports of Shungite being an effective shield from harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

It is especially useful for balancing the Third Eye chakra, although it can work in tandem with the aura and all chakras to help you achieve emotional and mental balance. Shungite is believed to improve your metaphysical abilities by protecting you from negative energy and assisting your spiritual evolution. Ultimately, it is a stone said to increase your self-belief, confidence and personal power.

Shungite will bring you good fortune, and it can help heighten the powers of other stones that you possess. In considering this, it’s easy to conclude that you’ll achieve your goals much easier with Shungite than you would without it.

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