What on Earth is Rose Quartz? A Gem, Pretty in Pink

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Quartz is one of the most common and well-known forms found in the world of gemstones, but perhaps none is more sought after than rose quartz. The quartz variety bracket includes gems like amethyst, agate, jasper and onyx…so why is rose quartz so popular, especially considering it’s so common?

Getting to Know Rose Quartz

Though you may think of the colour red when it comes to roses, rose quartz is a pale pink, purple or grey hue. Some gemstones might be more red in colour, but most look like the image above.

How do they achieve this hue? The colour of rose quartz can be attributed to the amount of titanium, iron and or manganese found in the quartz material. These are trace elements that are usually found in pink and red gemstones, and the more that exist, the darker the gemstone.

Some rose quartz gems also contain rutile needles. Though microscopic, these needles produce an asterism – a star shape within the stone itself -- when held up to light. There’s also crystalline rose quartz (sometimes called “pink quartz”), a rare type of quartz that contains colour caused by phosphate or aluminium. Regardless of where the colour comes from, all hue in rose quartz can fade, leading to duller looking gemstones over time.

A Gem’s Rich History

The origins of rose quartz can date back to 7000 BC in Mesopotamia, known as one of the earliest discovered civilizations on Earth. The area was apparently rich in soil that created rose quartz, which also explains why Iraq (the country that is now located where Mesopotamia once was) is one of the largest miners of rose quartz. In about ~700 BC, the Assyrians crafted rose quartz jewelry, and the Romans soon followed suit.

Quartz in general was considered to be a magical stone by many civilizations, namely the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. The Romans believed that rose quartz specifically was the best way to signify ownership through seals, and the Egyptians thought the stone held anti-aging properties.

Rose quartz was also regarded as a healing agent in the Middle Ages, and as time went on the stone became known as a symbol of love due to its pink hue. This symbolism exists even now, especially when taking into consideration holistic healing and feng shui.

The Power of Rose Quartz

As mentioned above, rose quartz is associated with the heart, first and foremost. This includes the heart in both the metaphorical and physical sense. On one hand, rose quartz is used in meditation in order to help mend a broken heart and also to help find new love. On the other, rose quartz is also used to help circulatory system issues and to prevent heart disease.

Rose quartz can be used in feng shui to both foster already present love energy and bring love into a home. It’s said that placing rose quartz in the Southwestern most part of your home can produce the greatest effects, as this area is related to love and marriage.

Rose quartz gems are as powerful as they are delicate and beautiful. Are you a fan of these pretty pink gemstones?


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