Crystal Healing Methods and Common Crystals for Physical Ailments

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Specific crystals are said to help heal certain ailments within the body, from getting rid of anxiety to promoting the flow of blood throughout your body. The question on the mind of many is this: how do you utilize these crystals in a way that actually releases these abilities?

There are many different crystal healing methods out there that utilize crystals and gemstones in a variety of different ways. The way in which you utilize your crystals is up to you:

Crystal Holding: Perhaps the simplest of the popular crystal healing methods, this technique involves a specific crystal and meditation. Simply hold the crystal and meditate, focusing your spiritual energy and focus on the crystal that you hold in your hands. The spiritual connection between you and the crystal will be unlocked as you focus your energy on its powers.

Feng Shui: Incorporating crystals into feng shui, the Chinese ideology that the positions of objects within a space affects the flow of energy, is a popular method of crystal healing. For instance, feng shui teaches that placing a certain type of crystal in a certain position within a room can help to promote the energy and purpose of the crystal.

Crystal Layouts: Using this methodology, the person who wishes to be healed will position crystals on their body or around their body (usually with the help of a friend, or even a crystal healing expert) in order to utilize their healing powers. The layouts used are important to the effectiveness of the crystals involved in the layout. A popular method uses the body’s chakras that are aligned along the spine.

Crystal Chromotherapy: This therapy, designed by the healer John of God, involves attaching clear crystals to lights of a variety of colors. Through the colors and crystals, the body is influenced positively due to their effect on chakras. This method of healing affects the body, mind AND spirit.

Sometimes the crystals utilized during these treatments, sessions or practices are used in order to promote a certain energy, or to help alleviate a certain mental or spiritual issue. Others are said to help relieve someone of physical pains, ailments or other afflictions.

Here is a list of physical ailments and the crystals that are said to help with these issues (this is only a small selection, with more crystals and ailments listed at the website linked above):

It’s important to note that many crystal healers will recommend that you don’t utilize crystals as your only form of healing. These methods are meant to be complementary to other forms of medical healing, promoting healthy energy but not physically healing things like tumors or diseases.

Interested in what crystals can do for you? Visit our website to see a full list of crystals, and click on their individual links to see what physical or mental healing properties they hold.


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