Choosing the Right Crystal to Gift Someone Special

Beyond being beautiful, many swear by the amazing healing abilities of crystals.

It’s only natural that you would want a friend or a loved one to experience the same captivating wonders that you have felt by having crystals in your life. It is ideal for a person who is just starting to collect crystals to be the one to personally walk around the shop so that a crystal may “speak” to them. However, this is not always an option; particularly, if you want to surprise the person you would like to give the crystal to as a gift.

Crystals are truly unique gifts with no two crystals being identical. However, beyond giving one to a friend or loved one because it is a special occasion, your intimate knowledge of the person allows you to choose a crystal that will benefit them. Having a specific understanding of your friend’s needs or ailments will help you pick the crystal whose energy will speak to the person you are gifting them to.

For the overworked friend

The cycle of chronic stress can be physically compromising to the health. Some people manage stress well thus avoiding the damaging effects of anxiety while others are more susceptible to the strains of everyday life. To help soothe the body, mind, and spirit, there are crystals whose energies can unlock one’s abilities to escape the stresses that are often brought on by work.


Lepidolite naturally contains lithium which is a common ingredient in anti-anxiety medicine. It has been known to induce emotional healing and has a strong relaxing and calming effect. Best of all, it is considered a protective stone to bring success in business or career making it the perfect gift for your friend who suffers from work-related stress.


Said to be around 2 billion years old, Shungite is one of the oldest, most ancient healing stones. Those who suffer from anxiety due to work often have trouble sleeping. Shungite is believed to relieve insomnia as it rids the body of negative energies and helps to detoxify the body.

For the broken-hearted

We come to our friend’s side when they are in emotional stress. While our presence and words of encouragement are a great comfort, gifting them a crystal, they can carry or keep in their home will let them know that you always have them in your thoughts while also helping them recover from a broken heart.

Rose quartz

Known as the “stone of love”, rose quartz opens to the heart. So while your friend may have lost someone significant, this crystal will promote love for those around them but more importantly, nurture self-love. In a time when they feel broken, the rose quartz will comfort and soothe the energy to raise self-esteem.

For the celebration of new beginnings

Whether they are newly married, moving into a new home, or have declared that they have a desire to start fresh, gifting a friend a re-energizing crystal for this next chapter in their life tells them that you celebrate all the incredible changes they are experiencing.


Referred to as the stone for “new beginnings,” the Moonstone promotes inner growth, soothes emotional instability while connecting you to your wisdom and intuition.

Clear quartz

To start anew, it is essential to have balance and harmony. Clear quartz fosters the alignment of the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of a person thus manifesting a sense of creativity and more importantly, clarity, for the individual who seeks guidance as they start this new phase of their life.


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