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Named after the Filipinas Larimar Mine in the Dominican Republic where it was found, Larimar is a rare blue mineral variety of pectolite. Larimar can have a gorgeous light blue, medium sky blue, or a volcanic blue colour.


Larimar is mainly found in Dominican Republic.

Physical Properties

Larimar’s composition often is mixed with hematite, calcite, iron, potassium, and other materials. It has a hardness of 5 on the Mohs scale, almost the same as Turquoise and Apatite.

Due to its unique colours and patterns, there are no other gemstones that can be mistaken for the kind of rare blue colour it has.

??? Metaphysical Properties” It stimulates the throat, heart, and crown chakras, and the third eye promoting inner wisdom. Larimar represents healing, love, peace, and clarity and is said to be helpful to people experiencing anxiety and stress.

It will help those wearing it to communicate effectively with others by making the other person understand their point of view. Larimar can also help soothe excessive fear and anger, stress-related imbalances, panic attacks, and phobias.

In case you’ve built walls around your heart for defense, Larimar can help in breaking them down to allow for emotional release.


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