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CANDLE HOLDERS from StoneBridge Imports in Canada.

A candlestick, chamberstick, or candelabrum (plural: candelabra ) is a holder for one or more candles, used for illumination, rituals, or decorative purposes.

StoneBridge Imports proudly presents the varieties of CANDLE HOLDER made from different gemstones to enlighten your customers and boost your sales!

Metaphysical Properties: Research shows that Himalayan Candle Holders can deactivate the positive ions given off by electrical devices, best to place them in your office, near your computer and wherever you have your television. If you place one in your bedroom it will help you get a better night’s sleep. Scientific studies have found them to stimulate relaxation by putting you in an alpha state, which makes them especially helpful to enhance your prayer or meditation experience.

Rose Quartz is good at focusing and amplifying healing energy. It is often used to symbolize love, peace, or happiness, and is believed to stimulate the imagination. Oddly enough, flaws in rose quartz often seem to enhance rather than detract from the healing energies. Lending a soft, healing energy, rose quartz aids the wearer in achieving self-love and in enhancing the love vibration in relationships. It removes fears and anxiety and reduces stress. It balances the emotions and heals emotional wounds, allowing the user to tap into the knowledge that the Universe is Love.

Discover and experience the most exquisite CANDLE HOLDERS for you and for your loved ones. StoneBridge Imports in Canada serve the best quality wholesale and retail products!

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