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Stonebridge Imports Semi Polished Generators for sale. Generator Crystal is known by its uniform, six-sided form, terminating within an even six-faced termination. Generators improve, reproduce and enlarge any energy directed at them and they’re useful for consistently holding a comfortable energetic stream or connection. When used because the central stone of a grid, they connect and focus the energies of the surrounding stones. They make good pendulums and polished generator points seem to have the same properties as naturally formed points. Generators are amazing meditation tools, letting you gather while keeping focused your concentration and energy, then magnify and send it anywhere you like. They will also be good instructors while you are learning never to damage anything when focusing and utilizing energy and power correctly. Put on or carry a Generator when you need to feel strong as well as in control. Generators are perfect companion for crystal receivers. Stonebridge Imports would like you to discover and experience our choices of Semi Polished Generator that will surely enlighten your customers and boost your sales. Stonebridge Imports in Canada serve the best quality wholesale and retail products! Click on any product below for more details:

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