Rutilated Quartz Cluster (Druze)

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Rutilated Quartz Cluster (Druze) presented to you by Stonebridge Imports. A Rutilated Quartz Cluster contains golden rutile needles. Clusters(druzes), which is a group of points grown. In this category we offer stunning quartz crystal clusters (clear or smoky) with inclusions of rutile (titanium source). Rutile occurs in different colors, red, golden, silver and black. Rutile in quartz is mainly used like an aid in attracting help in your spiritual quests. It will powerfully jog your memory of your respective total reliance on the power and energy of the Sun. This crystal brings life giving energy for spiritual quests. This combination produces a talisman containing the capability to allow you to in finding new states of life and attracting assistance from others in your quest. Same with other golden crystals, Rutile is owned by the Earth, and it is used in the biggest market of a room or home. Even a small display of Rutile, placed in the center of a space will bring balance to each of the energy inside space assuring that equilibrium and harmony is preserved. In meditating, Rutile is being used by some practitioners like a contemplation crystal. The uses are mainly for efforts when the yearning is typically to improve one’s state of happiness, and also to realign one’s spiritual trail. In healing emotional, Rutile is used to aid in efforts to ease anxiousness. A lot of people make themselves physically sick in their stomach because of being worry. Rutile crystals will cure the worry by focusing energy on the predictable benefits and satisfaction of future achievement. Click on any product below for more details:



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