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Emerald Wholesale at Stonebridge Imports in Canada.

Mythology: The name emerald is derived from the Greek word smaragdos, which evolved from the Old French word esmeralde, meaning green gemstone. Emeralds are amongst the oldest known gemstones. Sandawana emeralds from Zimbabwe in Southern Africa began forming more than 2,500 million years ago, while those from Pakistan are around nine million years old.

Hardness: 7.5-8

Usage: Emeralds have often been used to provide protection on journeys. It is believed that one who is in possession of an Emerald will be provided with the protection of God, blessed with good fortune, posses mystical powers, have strengthened memory, intelligence, and the ability to predict the future.

Metaphysical Properties: Emeralds have long been used for their emotional and mental powers. Many believe that wearing an Emerald will provide will power, mental clarity and easing of stressed states. Emerald is also associated with providing love and fidelity, inspiration, wisdom, harmony, growth, patience, peace and abundance.

Chakras: Crown, Heart, Link, Solar Plexus

Astrological sign: Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Ophiuchus

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