CAD 25.00


  • Diameter: 1 1/2" to 1 3/4"
  • Sold by: Single piece
  • Stone type: Labradorite
  • Weight: 90g to 115g


Labradorite Sphere “E Quality” XS2

Labradorite Sphere Made from natural stone, these Labradorite spheres have been hand-polished to create unique and elegant pieces that can be used for meditation and healing. Each piece is similar to what is photographed, This Labradorite was mined from Norcross-Madagascar, This highly iridescent stone changes from black to blue to gold and green depending on the direction of lighting.

This stone is great for the third eye & throat chakras. It’s known for aiding in creativity, intuitiveness, change, strength, perseverance,

Labradorite was named after Labradore, Newfoundland, northeast Canada, the gem was discovered back in the 1770s. Legend has it that the Northern Lights were once stuck inside rocks on the Canadian coast until a brave warrior freed most of them by hitting the rocks with a spear. The rocks that were not hit, still have those Northern Lights within them, the cause of the beautiful iridescent quality labradorite possesses.

In ancient lore, Labradorite was a talisman gem of winter. Native Inuit tribes claim that Labradorite fell from the aurora borealis from the fire of their ancestors. Labradorite was extremely popular for jewelry in France and England in the 18th century.

The shape of a Sphere is believed to emit energy in all directions and is known as an ancient symbol that represents unity, completeness, and infinity.

  • may contain small polishing imperfections like flat spots throughout that arrive from the natural process of hand carving and polishing each stone.
  • Due to the size the spheres may carry small imperfections in the polishing.