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  • Chips Size: Tiny
  • Unit size: 5mm to 10mm
  • Number of pieces: 110 to 140
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Sold by: 200g bag
  • Stone type: Tourmaline


Wholesale Black Tourmaline Chips

These natural Tourmaline crystal chips have a black to blueish-black tone, with occasional Mica fragments which are typically shiny and deep brown in colour.

Black Tourmaline is known as a powerful grounding crystal. It is believed to eliminate negative energies, align the energy centers of the body, reduce stress, and purify thoughts. It is the ultimate ‘bodyguard’ of crystals that guards the overall well being.

Tourmaline is a member of a family of aluminum borosilicates. It is characterized by long, slender, and vertically striated crystals. The name Tourmaline is derived from the ancient Sinhalese word turmali meaning ‘a precious stone with mixed colours,’ or turamali meaning ‘something small from the earth.’

The healing and cleansing properties of Black Tourmaline is attributed to its black colour. It is known to absorb negative energy without diminishing its own. Besides drawing out negativity, the stone also envelopes its user in a bubble of protection. It protects against unwanted energy and low vibrations emanating from people, places, and events.

Below are other healing and metaphysical benefits you can get from wearing, carrying, or bringing Black Tourmaline chips into your environment:

  • Helps alleviate muscle pain
  • Releases anxiety, fear, anger, and feelings of unworthiness
  • Promotes wisdom and rational thought
  • Connects the spirit to the physical world
  • Curbs lethargy and boosts enthusiasm

Looking to buy Black Tourmaline in bulk? As a supplier of wholesale Black Tourmaline, StoneBridge Imports offers five different sizes of the crystal ranging from tiny to extra large pieces in 100g bags to 500g bags:

  • Black Tourmaline Crystal Chips - X-Small - 100g Bag
  • Black Tourmaline Crystal Chips - Small - 200g bag
  • Black Tourmaline Crystal Chips - Medium - 200g bag
  • Black Tourmaline Crystal Chips - Large - 500g bag
  • Black Tourmaline Crystal Chips - X-Large - 500g bag

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