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Obsidian is a mineral-like rock formed as a result of rapidly cooled lava. However, it’s not considered a mineral because of its glassy appearance and its composition.

It was valued in the Stone Age by cultures because, like flint, it could be broken down to produce arrowheads or sharp blades.

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Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and the USA

Physical Properties

Pure obsidian is dark in appearance, though the color varies depending on the presence of impurities. Iron and other transition elements may give the obsidian a dark brown to black colour.

Depending on how it’s cut, it can also give off a glistening grey appearance. But it can also be tan or green. Rarely, obsidian can be blue, red, orange, or yellow.

On the Mohs’ scale of hardness, it ranges from 5-6.


According to ancient superstition, obsidian brings to its wearer the energy of Earth, thus strengthening his spirit and healing his body. Ancient people called Obsidian “Satan’s claws’ fragments”.

A legend says the stone was named after a Roman warrior Obsidian who brought this stone from Ethiopia. Astrologists consider obsidian as a stone of Pluto.

The Native Americans used obsidian for ceremonies to enhance their inner sight. The Apache Tear comes from a legend of the Apache people. After a defeat in a great battle and the death of countless brave Apache warriors, their women mourned over their bodies. Their tears solidified and turned into this stone. It was believed that anyone who has an Apache Tear will never cry again.

The Polynesian referred to obsidian as “Pele’s Hair” which was named after Pele, the volcanic goddess. It was believed that Pele, who was the keeper of the souls of the dead in the Underworld realm, sent the souls back to the earth along with her lava to be reincarnated.

Metaphysical Properties

Obsidian contains the most potent energies such as the elements of fire, water, and earth. It was also used by light workers, spiritualists, shamans, and alchemists because of its power to heal. This beautiful and potent stone can help see through the nonsense, break illusions, and uncover lies.

Obsidian also acts as a protective stone that will guard the person against all kinds of negative forces. Obsidian works like a mirror that will allow you to see your faults, weaknesses, and mistakes. Obsidian can also dispels negativity. It helps you to clearly see your flaws and the changes that are necessary.


All obsidians are talismans which offer a strong shield against any negativity. Snowflake obsidian is considered a particularly strong protector for women. There is a science of the arrangement of obsidian pieces on the person’s body to correct his body energy. For this purpose, it is recommended to use Obsidian together with Rock Crystal.

Obsidian gives physical forces, boosts the power of adrenal glands and kidneys, and treats rheumatism, gout, and female and male genitals diseases.

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