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Amethyst crystal

The simplest way to buy gorgeous, profitable crystals

Shopping for wholesale healing stones and crystals can be frustrating when you have limited options and your orders take too long to arrive.

Stonebridge Imports’ vast crystal selection and quick order processing enable you to purchase crystals in bulk in a prompt and cost-efficient manner, no minimum quantity required. It’s why we’re Canada’s largest crystal wholesaler.

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Our 7000 square foot warehouse

Over 10,000+ wholesale natural gemstones waiting for you to discover

Shop through a well-curated selection of all the unique and exquisite rocks, gemstones, and minerals from all over the world. All available to browse at our massive 7,000 sqft warehouse.

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Get your orders on time and impeccably packaged

No need to worry about late orders or damaged products. We instantly process orders, and pack them securely to avoid damage. We cover any import fees, and also have a robust 30-day return policy.

Plus, shipping is FREE on most orders!

Multiple tumbled stones strewn on a table

No Minimum Order + Bulk Discounts

With no minimum ordering, you get the stones you want, when you want. Perfect for when you want to purchase assorted gemstones or mineral species.

At the same time - with progressive discounts - the greater the bulk of your order, the bigger your savings.

Our team; ready to assist

Friendly and knowledgeable rock specialists to assist your shopping

Looking for a specific item? Want to know more about your stones? Our team is always ready to help you navigate our store and sift through our collection until you find that crystal you’ve been searching for.

Who is eligible?

If ANY of the following applies, you’re eligible for a wholesale discount!

  • You will be selling our products in a storefront, at markets, or online shop (Website, Etsy, Instagram shop, etc.), even if it’s just a small selection of what you sell.
  • You will use our products as part of your business
    Examples include:
    ‣ Practitioner using our products for services
    ‣ Educator teaching about geology
    ‣ Artisan making homemade jewellery using crystals
    ‣ Interior decorator staging a home with crystals
Nature's Spirit, a crystal shop

Case Study

Nature's Spirit

Founded by Bev O’Reilly & Suzanne Turner to share their passion for Paganism and New Age practice, they've been a wholesale customer with us for over 5 years. They started in 2013 by selling handmade products at street fairs and music festivals, and have grown immensely since.

Now, they have a shop in Milton with four employees, where they not only continue to hand-make awesome stuff, but also support local artists with an outlet for them to sell their wares.

Brazilian miners

About The Miners

Our Commitment To Ethical Practices

We are proud to support small-scale mines around the world. We’ve spent decades establishing and building trust with suppliers in Brazil, Australia, Mexico, India, Madagascar, and Pakistan.

We only buy from suppliers we know, and who paytheir workers a fair wage for the hard work they do.

Everyone in the supply chain deserves a wage to support their family. From the miners, to carvers, to delivery drivers, to our warehouse works, all the way to our cashiers.

Each person in the Stonebridge family is fairly compensated. It’s the reason we’re proud to be here!

The Stonebridge Imports team

Meet the Stonebridge Team

We’re proud of our team who makes Stonebridge Imports happen. Meet the people who get your stones to you!