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Amethyst A - Cut Base #5 - 400g to 600g

Amethyst Cut Base, Polished Point Tower #5


Regular price $69.00 CAD / Single piece

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Stone: Amethyst

Origin: Brazil

Sold By: Single piece

Weight: 400g to 600g
Size: 3 1/2" to 5"

Amethyst A - Cut Base #5 - 400g to 600g

"New website features more sorting options that are a huge help in simplifying my ordering process. The images are accurate reps of quality and look and size is often given with a comparison item (coin). I very much appreciate the write-ups for traditional and modern benefits and properties of each stone including the very lovely stone meaning cards (really appreciate the new cards use of colour, graphics, and write-ups" - Christine F.

"love going into the store because everyone is so friendly. This time I ordered on a live sale because the item I was looking for was a great price. There was an issue when my order arrived but I reached out and the response was very quick with amazingly resolution. Customer service was perfect!" - MG

"Everytime I shop online, it's always a smooth and quick process. They have authentic crystals and rocks. Always love my purchases. The staff is awesome too!" - Neveen K.

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