About Us

StoneBridge Imports have been working since 2002 to share the beauty of gemstones across Canada and US.

Blue Agate Wholesale Tumbled Stones

Why buy from us?

Buying from us is a truly enjoyable experience. It all begins with the hopes of finding those perfect stones, crystals, or other pieces a person has been looking for.

We turn those hopes into reality by directing our customers through a well-designed website which is easy to navigate and full of possibilities. Our selection is broken down into simple to find categories so customers can get right to the products they are interested in.

All our products are of the highest quality and unique, giving customers the chance to enjoy a truly enjoyable, one-of-a-kind shopping experience when they buy from us. We also offer reasonable prices and a variety of purchasing options, which works out well for all our customers, whether they are buying for themselves or for resale.


Our story

Founded in 2002, Stonebridge Imports offers both consumers and retailers a welcoming and warm environment where they can find everything from natural stones, crystals, and mineral specimens, to jewelry and home furnishings.

Whether a person is a collector, an educator, a crystal healer, or someone with a business of their own; they will find our extensive collection to cater to their needs. We want all our customers to know they can count on us to provide them with the supplies they need, or that one perfect piece they have been searching their whole life for.

We take pride in our products and it shows in the quality of the products we offer our customers. We also collect from all over the world and this allows our customers to know they are getting the best selection possible.


Visit us

We also have a physical location at 396 Victoria St. N. in Kitchener, ON CA. Customers in the area should stop into our retail shop and take a look at our inventory in person.

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We love to talk!

We’re not afraid to talk to you. Need help or just don’t like placing orders over the Net?

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Our Core Values

Our core values are the foundations on which our Company is built. Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions and help us enjoy our time at work, making our Company and our employees outstanding. The following core values and beliefs define what’s important to us at Stonebridge Imports.

Passion to Help

  • If our clients aren’t happy with any aspect of our service, we want to hear about it and we will do what it takes to get 100% client satisfaction. We welcome constructive criticism and will strive to learn from it. We recognize that our clients have a lot to teach us. We will communicate humbly with our clients, in plain English that they can clearly understand.
  • we promise to do whatever it takes when you are the next person in our process. Each person or step in our production line or a process is to be treated as a “customer” and to be supplied with exactly what was needed, at the exact time needed.

Clear & Honest

  • we believe that to be truly successful in business and in life, we must always be honest and open with our customers, our agents, our distributors and our employees. We believe that openness and honesty make for the best relationships because it leads to trust and faith.
  • We resolve to communicate openly, to respect others, to be fair with everyone, and to maintain a down-to-earth approach in our efforts to interact with each other.
  • As the company grows, communication becomes more and more important. Everyone needs to understand how his/her team connects to the big picture of what we’re trying to accomplish.
  • There is no question too small or too big, no opinion that should not be expressed, and no idea that should be ignored. Everyone has a voice and is encouraged to use it.

Creating Community Abundance

  • We are optimistic. We believe that when one succeeds, another need not fail.
  • Abundance celebrates joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment in the success of others.
  • We believe that when we foster lively, rich and resilient communities built on fairness and equity, we all benefit. Developing solutions and products that are socially innovative help our business thrive and makes the world a healthier, safer, happier place.

Determined & Innovative

  • We are open to ideas that challenge conventional views and drive innovation. The only constant in life is change. We believe that in order to stay relevant we must constantly improve with society’s changing needs: taking risks, inspiring creativity and learning from our outcomes.
  • Innovating entails transforming new ideas into tangible results.
  • Innovation demands and relies on new developments: a new contribution to basic knowledge, a new process or a change of direction, some kind of internal development that complements the original new idea. Innovating today makes it easier to innovate tomorrow.

Humbleness First

  • We’re low ego. We’re open-minded and we like to discuss and debate thoughts, ideas and plans to broaden and further inform our beliefs and approaches.
  • When we disagree, we respectfully and constructively speak our minds, but trust in, and commit to, informed decisions.
  • We know that ego prevents us from learning. We seek, accept and give feedback fearlessly to continue to grow personally and professionally.
  • We own our own improvement: being honest about mistakes and learning from them.
  • While there’s always a time and place to celebrate individual accomplishments, no single person is bigger than the team.
  • We check in with each other before we make personal decisions that affect the larger group.