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Crystals to Use When You're Sick

Crystals to Use when You're Sick

Do you know someone who is seemingly, always getting sick? Or do you know someone who seems to never get sick? Both people have their immune systems to thank. Strong and resilient immune systems can protect us from catching colds and other common ailments. Our immune system can be harmed and strengthened in many ways. Our emotions, sleep patterns, and the food we consume all can contribute to our immunity. We use crystals for spiritual healing, but spiritual healing is directly tied to our emotional wellbeing. Being well balanced physically and emotionally can improve our overall health and keep our immune system in tip top shape.

Crystals and the Common Cold

While some sicknesses require more intense medical intervention, the common cold usually responds well to natural remedies. In addition to Vitamin C tablets, hot packs and cups of tea, you may find some relief when you use crystals.

Clear Quartz

First and foremost, clear quartz is the master healer. It encourages energy flow, which can be excellent when trying to reduce congestion or pain. Clear quartz can also activate the chakras, aligning all the energy in our body. When our energy points are clear, our bodies are aligned physically and spiritually. Clear quartz is also a programmable stone, meaning it can take on any intention. If you're using another crystal, but feel like it needs a little boost, add in some clear quartz to magnify the properties.


Amethyst is regarded as one of the most powerful crystals. Known for its connection to psychic intuition, amethyst can be useful in other ways. It helps connect the mind, body and spirit in healing. Amethyst aids our detoxifying organs such as the liver and kidneys, and the immune system in general. It's also naturally soothing and calming, and a great crystal for anxiety or stress. Amethyst can be good for healing irregular sleep patterns, especially when paired with selenite or howlite.


Amber is naturally antibacterial and cleansing. It can be useful for fighting infections given it's natural purifying ability. Notably, amber absorbs pain and negativity making it perfect for people overcoming conditions such as sore throats or headaches. Amber is most effective when placed directly against the skin, which is why we see teething babies often wearing amber necklaces. It's smooth and lightweight texture and natural pain-relieving qualities are a must when overcoming a cold or other sickness.

Himalayan Salt

While not technically a crystal, Himalayan salt is said to be a natural deodorizer and detoxifier. Himalayan salt lamps can be particularly helpful for people that have allergies or asthma because they remove small particles of dust and dander from the air. Besides removing impurities from the air, salt lamps can help your body filter air more effectively, so no contaminants find their way to your lungs.


The name says it all, bloodstone is great for dealing with ailments relating to blood, iron, and circulation. Bloodstone is naturally anti-inflammatory and can be revitalizing. The kidneys are responsible for filtering blood, and bloodstone can stimulate the organs and accelerate healing. It's also known to be good for reducing aggression, which can impact blood pressure.


If you're dealing with nausea or any other tummy troubles, sapphire's naturally calming properties can help ease that urge. Sapphire is the most popular recommendation for motion sickness as its energy is balancing and calming. Stress and anxiety can manifest themselves in various ways, including nausea or other stomach issues. Sapphire's anxiety reducing qualities help ground us when we feel bloated or uncomfortable.

In conclusion, crystals may not directly heal illnesses, but they might support us in our recovery. It's important to remember to always own and harness the power within yourself when working with healing crystals. They work their best when we put our best intentions in them!