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Spring Cleaning: Refresh Your Home and Energy with the Power of Crystals

Spring Cleaning: Refresh Your Home and Energy with the Power of Crystals

The days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer. Spring time is here, and what better way to welcome the season of growth and renewal than to refresh your home and your energy with crystal magic. Whether you want to clean out stagnant energy, invite prosperity and growth, or just create an overall uplifting space, crystal magic can help!

Here are some ways to use crystals to enhance your spring cleaning:

Clear the Air with Selenite and Himalayan Salt

Selenite is a very powerful energy cleanser. It can remove any stagnant energy and purify the aura, readying you for new beginnings. It is recommended that selenite be placed around your home for this purpose, and included in any displays or altars you make.

While selenite cleansing our energy, Himalayan salt cleanses our air! Himalayan salt is an excellent air purifier because the salt attracts and traps airborne pollutants. The orange-pink hue of Himalayan salt is also known to aid the symptoms of SAD, or “seasonal affective disorder”.

Bring in Fresh Energy with the Power of the Moon

Because of the energy from the Spring equinox, springtime is full of new-beginnings and change. Similarly, crystals like moonstone and [moldavite]( /s/moldavite_ can harness that same energy.

Moonstone is deeply connected to rebirth and renewal, as well as nature. It is the perfect crystal for springtime manifestations and for anyone on a journey of self-discovery or self-healing.

Moldavite is the stone of transformation. While not directly related to the moon, it is a stone of space! This rare crystal is for spiritual enlightenment and physical cleansing. It can lead the way for personal development and help clear our pathway so we’re ready for transformations.

Take this a step further and make charged moon water! This works best on a full moon, but place water outside or by a window under the moonlight. Every time you drink this water (or give it to your pets, or water your plants) think of your intentions and be grateful for the power you have within.


Create a Serene Space

This is a two-step process. First, you’ll want to choose a crystal for grounding and protection. Black tourmaline is a good option as it absorbs negative energy and can help create a protective energy field in your space. Black tourmaline will also work for this purpose if you’re setting your serenity space near the front door of your home. The tourmaline will absorb any negativity you bring home as soon as it enters, as well as protects from any bad vibes from entering your space. Black obsidian is another popular option for protection, as well as black onyx or smoky quartz. Choose which crystal feels right to you!

The next step is deciding which crystals to include in your space. If you have a favourite crystal, include this one. Otherwise, try to set the intention for this space. Ask yourself what are you trying to achieve by designing a serene space? Are you hoping for abundance? If yes, perhaps [citrine}( /s/citrine) or green aventurine. Are you looking for love? Perhaps rhodochrosite or carnelian. Let your intention lead you to the crystals.

In addition to using crystals, there are other ways to enhance your spring cleaning with other metaphysical and natural remedies.

Burn Incense or Herbs

Set the tone for your space and relax your mind by burning incense or herbs. Depending on your personal tastes, you can fill a room with calming energy and pleasant scents with either incense or herbs. Incense can increase calm and focus, reduce stress, and purify your space.

Similarly, smoke cleansing can also purify the space and create a scared environment. It’s said that certain herbs have different purposes. For example, sweetgrass is known to attractive positive energy, while mugwort can be protective and healing.


Take Salt Baths

After a long day of cleaning, a salt bath is exactly what your body needs to unwind. Physically, salt can help ease muscle cramps, relieve stiffness, and soothe body aches. Energetically, salt baths can help us release energy that no longer serves us. As you soak, think of all the things you need to let go and imagine them literally leaving your body. Include a few drops of your favourite essential oil in your bathwater to amp up the healing benefits and indulge in aromatherapy.

In conclusion, using crystals and other remedies in your spring cleaning can help create a fresh, uplifting space that supports your wellbeing and overall energy. The sky is the limit when it comes to what’s possible with crystal and energy healing – luckily, we get to see more of that beautiful blue sky in the springtime! Happy healing!



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