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The Best Crystal Shapes for Dealing with Anxiety (Part 2)

The Best Crystal Shapes for Dealing with Anxiety (Part 2)

This is the second part of a blog series. Click here for part one.

The world of healing crystals offers a wealth of holistic benefits, and among its fascinating facets, crystal shapes stand out as an intriguing means of channeling intention and focusing energy. If your goal is to reduce stress and deal with anxiety, crystal shapes can play a pivotal role in amplifying this intention. These unique formations, beyond their aesthetic appeal, possess the metaphysical properties to enhance your journey toward a more balanced state.


Crystal Shapes

Crystal Spheres

Crystal spheres have a remarkable quality – they emit energy in every direction. This unique attribute sets them apart from other crystal shapes, as they don't focus energy to specific points but distribute it evenly. Placing a crystal sphere in your living space can have a significant impact on the energy balance. Crystal spheres create a soothing atmosphere, making them an effective tool for reducing anxiety.

The spherical shape of these healing crystals carries a powerful symbolism. It resembles our planet, serving as a reminder of our deep and profound connection to the world. Holding a crystal sphere can be especially comforting for those who like to have a tangible connection with their crystals.

You can use a small crystal sphere as a helpful anxiety-relief tool. Whether it's simply fidgeting with it for sensory relief or holding it during meditation to maintain your inner balance while seeking relaxation; crystal spheres are versatile companions.

In moments of heightened anxiety, they can even act as massage balls to relieve muscle tension, providing an additional layer of comfort and relief. Crystal spheres, with their energy-emitting qualities and tactile appeal, can be both a source of solace and a tool to regain balance when the weight of anxiety presses down.

Crystal Cubes

Many crystals naturally take on a cube-like shape, and these cubes are known for their unique ability to foster a grounded sense of energy. When you incorporate cubic crystals into your meditation practice, their inherent qualities can serve to anchor you to the Earth, providing a stabilizing influence for your mind.

To maintain and amplify the energy within your living space, consider positioning crystal cubes in each of the four corners of the room, a simple practice that not only acts as a protective shield but also helps ground the space, so you feel that energy when you’re in the room.

Whether you choose to meditate with a crystal cube or simply hold one, you're essentially creating a direct connection to the Earth's grounding energy. Although cube-shaped crystals might be harder to find in handheld sizes, you can still experience their effects by placing your hands on them wherever they are displayed, allowing their grounding properties to still reach you.

Crystal Hearts

Within the diverse world of crystal shapes, the heart shape emerges as not only a visually captivating form but also a source of potent energy. Merely gazing at a crystal heart can have a significant impact on your emotions, yet its importance extends beyond its aesthetic appeal.

It serves as a symbol of your life force's core, governing a wide spectrum of human emotions and experiences. While love is the most obvious connection, the heart shape encompasses a broader range, including joy and inner strength. In essence, a crystal heart captures the essence of the heart space, making it a versatile tool for nurturing a variety of intentions.

The unique energy and intention carried by a crystal heart is influenced by the type of stone it's made from. However, all crystal hearts share a common link with your heart space, enriching your overall well-being and resonating with the emotions that define this vital center.

The connection to anxiety relief can be both symbolic and more direct. Anxiety often manifests as an increased heart rate and overwhelming feelings of panic. A heart-shaped crystal can serve as a direct representation of your heartbeat, and simply holding the cool stone can provide relief. The metaphysical properties of heart-shaped crystals can help shift these overwhelming feelings towards emotions like joy, strength, and vitality, offering a soothing balm to anxious minds.

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones offer a wonderful starting point for anyone curious about the world of healing crystals, providing an affordable and accessible way to experience their metaphysical properties. These small, unpretentious crystals, despite their modest cost, can bring about significant advantages.

Their convenient size allows you to incorporate them seamlessly into your daily life to deal with anxiety – they slip easily into your pocket, can be tucked discreetly in your bra, sit at your office desk, be left in your car, or rest beneath your pillow. Tumbled stones become your dependable allies for on-the-go anxiety relief. Their unassuming nature might seem small, but just knowing you have them with you can offer a reassuring sense of security, especially when you're about to navigate a stressful situation.

For those who appreciate the unique energies of multiple crystals and have discovered a "cocktail" that effectively eases their anxiety, obtaining these stones in tumbled form enables you to carry your favorite combination with you wherever you go. It's like having a personalized support system readily available, ready to provide comfort and relief whenever you need it.

Worry Stones

Worry stones, with their smooth, polished surfaces, are known for their comforting and anxiety-relieving properties in addition to any metaphysical properties the crystal type may offer. When you hold a worry stone between your forefinger and thumb and gently rub your thumb across its surface, you initiate a therapeutic motion.

This action is believed to activate nerve endings and pressure points in your hand, creating a subtle but effective feedback loop with your brain. The result is the release of endorphins, those natural mood-lifting substances that can help ease your anxiety.

Worry stones bear their name for a reason, as they have evolved into valuable tools for managing anxiety. The repetitive motion of rubbing or holding a worry stone in your hand can serve multiple purposes. It brings a sense of comfort, akin to the soothing reassurance of a security blanket. This simple act also holds the power to draw your mind away from anxious thoughts, offering a welcome distraction.

Moreover, it encourages you to let go, where anxious feelings gradually find their way out of your consciousness. By exploring the world of worry stones and the science behind their anxiety-relieving abilities, you can discover a practical path to inner peace.


Incorporating crystal shapes into your daily life offers a tangible way to find balance, reduce anxiety, and foster emotional well-being. Whether you're looking for a direct connection with Earth's grounding energy, a visual reminder of your heart's intentions, a pocket-sized ally for on-the-go anxiety relief, or a tactile tool to soothe your senses, these crystal shapes can be your companions on the path to tranquility.

As you explore the world of crystals and learn more about crystal shapes, remember that their effects go beyond aesthetics. They serve as bridges between our intentions and the world of energy and symbolism that crystals offer.

Each shape has the potential to enhance your connection to the energies around you and, most importantly, to alleviate anxiety and stress, providing solace and stability during life's demanding moments.

If you've found this article on crystal shapes for anxiety relief insightful and fascinating, read the first part of this series about Crystals for Anxiety!


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