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The Best Crystals for Sleep

The Best Crystals for Sleep

Do you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep? Are you experiencing insomnia or nightmares? Or are you looking to do some dream work like lucid dreaming? If so, you might want to consider incorporating crystals into your bedtime routine. Crystals can possess healing properties that can promote relaxation, calmness, and peaceful sleep. Here are some of the best crystals for sleep that you may want to try.

Crystals for Restful Sleep


Amethyst is known to be a serene stone. When kept under your pillow, or beside your bed, it can transmit a soothing and calming frequency that can make you feel very relaxed.



Rest and relax with the soft blue hues of celestite. Similar in colour to a dreamy blue sky, celestite can provide a peaceful energy, relaxing your mind and body. Keep celestite on your bedside table to absorb its serene vibes.



Selenite is believed to have a purifying energy and is often used for cleansing and clearing spaces and other crystals. It’s soft and pure energy works great on its own, but particularly works well with other crystals to help maintain their energy and purity.


Crystals to Help Insomnia

Rose Quartz

Fill your mind up with self-soothing energy with the compassionate vibes of rose quartz. If you tend to blame yourself for your insomnia, rose quartz can help you be kinder to yourself and find some inner peace. Place a stone on your pillow, or in your hand so you can feel it and stay grounded.



If you find yourself overthinking at bedtime and can’t seem to stop your mind from thinking about the worst-case scenarios of life without sleep, opal can be a reassuring and calming stone. Opals are tranquil stones and can promote that same feeling when being handled during stressful times.


Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a stabilizing stone, and great for those with insomnia as it can be very grounding and protective. Smoky quartz can help us form new, healthy habits that may help us fall asleep. Keep a piece of smoky quartz on your nightstand or in a central part of your room to stabilize the energy flow.


Crystals for Dream Work


As the name suggests, moonstone is deeply connected to the lunar cycle. A lot of metaphysical rituals are based on the lunar cycle and rely on the moon’s energy. Connect to your inner self and facilitate lucid dreams by meditating with moonstone in bed right before you fall asleep.


Lapis Lazuli

Connected to the crown chakra, lapis lazuli can connect you to your higher self, in both the physical world but also in dreams. It’s connection to knowledge and wisdom can give insight into the meaning of dreams, so it’s a good crystal to use before and after lucid dreaming.



Get the answers you’re looking for with laser focus, thanks to fluorite. Sink into a lucid dream and be free of any distractions when using fluorite. It’s known to promote balance and mental agility, which are both needed for positive lucid dreaming experiences. Keep a stone by your bed or under your pillow when you want to induce lucid dreaming.


Check out this blog for a comprehensive list of crystals to use for dream work.

Crystals for Nightmares


Jade is a positivity magnet and is known to be a “lucky” stone. Jade is a great option if you enjoy vivid dreams, but struggle when the line between dreaming and reality becomes blurred. Jade can shift that energy to be positive, thus providing you with vivid, but positive dreams. It is said that jade is best used when making physical contact with the body, so if you can, wear a jade ring or bracelet when sleeping.



If your nightmares mirror the anxiety you feel when you are awake, howlite may help reduce your nighttime stress. Howlite is excellent for calming a racing mind and can help keep you calm as you drift off to sleep. Keep a stone in your hand as you fall asleep, or place on or under your pillow.


Black Tourmaline

This ultra-protective, yet gentle crystal will absorb all the nasty energy causing your nightmares. Known for safety and protection, if you’re anxious to get to sleep in fear of nightmares, tourmaline can help safeguard your mind and spirit as you sleep. Tourmaline works great in your bedroom for sleep, but it really performs best in entryways and doorways to absorb anything from getting into your peaceful space.


In conclusion, crystals can be a wonderful addition to your bedtime routine if you’re looking for a natural way to promote restful sleep or rid nighttime anxiety. Crystals can create powerful and positive energy flows in your bedroom, and around your home. Experiment with different crystals and crystal combinations to see which ones work best for you. Sweet dreams!