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Top 7 Crystals for Women Empowerment

Top 7 Crystals for Women Empowerment

Throughout history, gems and crystals have been people's tools to unleash their inner power. Even famous women celebrities like Adele, Kim Kardashian-West, Bela Hadid, and Miranda Kerr surrounded themselves with crystals to tap into their feminine energies and channel their inner strength.

And this is where the most important role of crystals resides. Other than being a representation of every woman's beauty and delicateness, experts say crystals are a repository of positive energy that heals and drives away toxic energy. Crystals help women be in sync with their true selves and their surroundings wherever they go.

This International Women's Day, be the woman you've always wanted to be: bold, free, courageous, and empowered to accomplish anything she sets her eyes on. Use the following crystals to amplify your desires and bring out the best in you!

1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the crystal of all kinds of love. It stimulates the capacity to give and receive love to everyone including yourself. Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra, meaning it can unblock and energize this chakra so you can be filled with love and positivity.

It is rich in loving and healing energies, promoting peace and freedom. It has the ability to heal deep-seated emotional wounds caused by past traumas. Work with rose quartz when you're in need of absolute healing and unconditional love.

2. Carnelian

Need a boost in passion and determination? Nothing does it like carnelian. This crystal is known to carry energies that replenish our life force. It can help renew your passion, motivation, enthusiasm, and physical energy so you're ready to soldier on through life again.

Carnelian is also called the stone of motivation because it provides its user the will and resolve to act, make bold decisions, and walk through life with courage. Moreover, carnelian is believed to be a success and prosperity magnet.

And if you're a woman breaking boundaries and stereotypes in a man's world, you need carnelian all the more as it enables you to assert your choices and be physically stronger. Carnelian also protects your heart from anger, resentment, and all forms of abuse.

3. Amethyst

A sober mind is able to make good judgments and wise decisions. Coupled with discernment, one is able to manifest and realize good, true, and pure intentions. Amethyst is your partner in clearing your mind of clutter. It increases creativity, intellect, and critical thinking which are all important when making decisions.

The energy of amethyst draws out stress and negativity from your inner world and transforms it into love. Amethyst has the ability to raise your vibration, fill you with wisdom, and impute in you a new mindset and attitude for accomplishing your goals. You can even use this crystal to overcome addictive behaviors and overindulgence.

4. Amazonite

Every woman must be able to speak from the heart and connect with people without diminishing their genuine selves. When you need to express your authenticity and achieve balance and harmony with others, turn to amazonite. Wear it, meditate with it, or place it in different places in your home to tap into its empowering energies.

Amazonite journeys with you towards discovering your true self. And as you embark on this journey, the crystal will instill in you the wisdom to understand everything you uncover about yourself.

In interacting with others and the world, amazonite widens your understanding of different perspectives that don't align with your beliefs while maintaining healthy boundaries. This is one of the ways the crystal helps you sustain harmony in your world.

Another benefit of using amazonite is having stable emotions. It helps minimize anger, fear, anxiety, aggression, worry, and any other negative emotions that, when left unchecked, can rule over your heart and threaten your inner peace.

5. Labradorite

This crystal is known to invigorate intuition, fertility, and feminine energy. During uncertainty, like amethyst, labradorite gives you the strength to make decisions while protecting you from negative energies that might set you off your path.

It carries energies that help you transform into the person you want to be. So when you're stuck in a rut, disoriented, or not feeling your best self at the moment, work with a labradorite crystal. It will prepare your mind, body, and spirit for growth and increase your consciousness.

Can't put a finger on your life's purpose? Labradorite will ground you back to the earth and set you up on the path you should be taking. It's also the ideal stone for women (and basically anyone) who have lost their energy from figuring out what they want to do with their lives and just want to be at home again with their true selves. Labradorite will increase your awareness and activate your intuition to achieve this end.

6. Chrysocolla

If you're in need of protection from negativity as you go through transitions in your life, chrysocolla is your go-to stone. For years, it's been used by women to invoke safety in different stages of life. This stone gives you the strength and courage to be your own problem solver. It will help carry you through significant changes in your life.

Chrysocolla also strengthens your character, increasing your compassion for others. This is why the stone is used to communicate effectively and build connections with people. It's also a wonderful healing stone thought to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

7. Clear Quartz

As the universal crystal, clear quartz is known as the ultimate source of healing, positivity, spiritual growth, and higher consciousness. Aside from empowering its user, it amplifies the healing powers of other crystals as well.

Use clear quartz to heal and align your mind, body, and spirit. Most importantly, use it to program and amplify your intentions so you can easily fulfill your goals.

Clear quartz is also best for strengthening your connection to higher consciousness. When this happens, your mind is better poised to seek and receive answers to your profound questions and discover your purpose.

Clear quartz also aids boosts focus, memory, and dream recall. Work with it when you want to interpret the messages of vague or recurring dreams.

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How to Use Crystals for Empowerment

1. Place them in areas where you need their power-boosting energies.

Whether it's in your home, office, or your car, display these crystals in areas where you feel weak, alienated, or helpless. Your crystals will radiate their energies where you place them. The sight of them will also remind you to fix your eyes on your goals and intentions.

2. Wear your crystals or carry them in your pocket.

Have instant access to the powers of your crystals by wearing them (as necklace, bracelet, or ring) or putting them in your pocket or purse (as tumbled stones). This way, your empowerment crystals can guide you through any situation you find yourself in.

3. Meditate with your crystals.

You'll feel their healing and empowering energies working through you during prayer and meditation. Your crystals will calm your mind, balance your emotions, and relax your body. When you're in a tranquil state, you can get in touch with your higher self.

Hold your crystal over the chakra area you want to energize. Hold them in your hand. Place them in your meditation space. Make a crystal grid. Or place them around you as you meditate. These are the many ways to bring forth the powers of your crystals in your midst.

An empowered woman is a strong, confident, and resilient woman. Enhance your personal power and start your healing journey with crystals today!


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