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How Moldavite Can Change Your Life

How Moldavite Can Change Your Life

Millions of years ago, a meteor struck Earth. From this meteor, we have moldavite “ a dark green, glassy crystal with a very high energy frequency. Moldavite's rise in popularity over the last few years has us asking what all the hype's about? This 14-million-year-old ˜Stone of Transformation has some super-fans, keep reading to find out why.

Physical Transformations of Moldavite

Holding moldavite is said to cause tingles and buzzing in your hands and arms and is also known to cause a moldavite flush which is a warm flush in your chest and cheeks. Moldavite can be a very grounding crystal, but because of its intensity it can be difficult to get acclimated to its energy. The best practice is to gradually introduce moldavite into your life as to not overwhelm you.

Some people have claimed moldavite to be a cursed crystal that brought about a multitude of unwanted changes. Remember, crystals are tools that rely on their own natural energy but also our energy. Always own your power.


Metaphysical Transformations of Moldavite

Use moldavite when you're working with your crown, third eye or particularly, the heart chakra. Moldavite encourages major heart changes such as letting go of negative energy and practicing self-love. It allows us to get in touch with our deepest, most tucked-away parts of ourselves and face them straight on. These changes can vary in intensity, depending how deep we've stored away our emotional traumas or how important the changes are to our overall emotional wellbeing.

Since moldavite came from the distant corners of space, it's connection to spirituality is strong. It can connect us with spirit guides and otherworldly beings that can help us find the path to our true destiny. In addition, it can also enhance or even kickstart our psychic abilities as it awakens us spiritually.

If you're just beginning your healing journey, or you've just begun working with crystals, moldavite might not be the right stone for you just yet. Moldavite doesn't hold back “ and changes can happen rapidly. If you're not in the right emotional headspace, moldavite could affect you in overwhelming ways. Always set your intention before working with moldavite (or any crystal for that matter!). Ideally, you'd be experienced with crystal healing before trying out moldavite. That way, you're comfortable experiencing change and receiving spiritual guidance.

While moldavite is known to inspire rapid change, not all changes are visible immediately. Sometimes, we naturally need to change our lives at a slower pace. Moldavite can kickstart that process “ it doesn't always cause the change right in that moment. If you've just gotten a piece of moldavite, but are not seeing any major changes, just be patient and keep the same routine. In a few months, or even longer, you'll start to see the provisions of moldavite's labour.

Using Moldavite to Create Change


The most powerful way to use moldavite is through meditation. Depending on what you're focusing on, you can place the moldavite on different areas of your body. The third-eye chakra is deeply connected to intuition and higher-consciousness, so placing your crystal between your eyebrows during meditation can strengthen your psychic abilities and connect you with your spirit guides.

Practicing mindfulness is a great way to lower any barriers between you and your goals. Moldavite can give you a mood or energy boost, enough so for you to start working towards your goals without realizing it. Crystals will never drop off change at your doorstep, they heighten the already existing parts of you to make the changes and help you see past or confront any obstacles in the way.


A practical way to incorporate moldavite into your life is by wearing it in jewelry. Choosing to wear moldavite everyday can open you up to all the changes it has to offer, and when moldavite makes direct contact with your skin it can sync all chakras and protect you from negative energies.

Other Crystals

Moldavite works well with other crystals, and its energy can shift depending on what you pair it with.

Amethyst and Moonstone

Amethyst is a psychic enhancer, and moldavite connects with the third-eye chakra so naturally these stones go together well. Experience mega-meditation with moldavite and amethyst and awaken your intuition and inner psychic.

Like moldavite is connected to outer space and the vast universe, moonstone is connected to the moon and its lunar energy. This pairing is also good for intuition work, connecting with your spirit guides, or psychic energy.


Peridot is a heart chakra crystal, and paired with moldavite, this combination can help open your heart to new opportunities and moving past things that no longer serve us. Peridot is very gentle compared to moldavite, but they both share the same beautiful green shade often associated with luck.

Black Obsidian

Moldavite and obsidian have super powerful protection energies. This protective pairing is great for anybody experiencing energy draining, or psychic attack. Obsidian is also an energy absorber and can be used to absorb any negative things moldavite encourages us to shake off.


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