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How Red Calcite Helps You Think Outside the Box and Be More Confident

How Red Calcite Helps You Think Outside the Box and Be More Confident

With a bright red hue reminiscent of a hot flame, red calcite sparks passion and confidence in anyone who looks at and holds it. Red calcite will fill you with fresh enthusiasm when you're feeling down and unmotivated.

This stone is also used to block off negative energy. You can also use red calcite as a tool for welcoming uncomfortable emotions (especially anger, jealousy, and hatred), preserving your mental and physical energy, and removing stale energies from your body.

Know more about this stone and see how it fits in your life, however you want to use it!


The Physical Properties of Red Calcite

Red calcite is one of calcite's many variations. Its red-orange to brownish red colour is imparted by microscopic hematite (iron oxide) particles present in the stone.

At a Mohs hardness rating of 3, calcite is a soft and fragile mineral that reacts easily with acids. Calcite is a fluorescent mineral, so it glows under UV light. This is due to the mineral's ability to absorb and reflect a small amount of light of a different wavelength.

In terms of transparency, calcite ranges from transparent to opaque. It also has a glassy or resinous luster when cut and polished into ornaments.

Calcite is an abundant mineral and found in many different igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks around the world.

The History of Red Calcite

The name ˜calcite' comes from the Latin word calx which means ˜lime.' This rock-forming mineral is one of the world's most common minerals. Red calcite deposits are found in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Peru, South Africa, Spain, and the USA.

Calcite is one of the most used minerals since ancient times. It is used as an abrasive, as a construction aggregate, and an ingredient for soil treatment. Marble and limestone are rich in calcite and are used as a base for structures and buildings throughout history.


The Lore of Red Calcite

In health folklore, red calcite is used in relieving the following ailments:

  • Headache
  • Joint pain
  • Constipation
  • Digestion problems
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Issues in the lower limbs

Red calcite is also believed to balance women's hormones and increase their absorption of minerals. Others believe that the stone conditions and prepares the body for pregnancy and childbirth.

Note: There is no scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of mineral stones and crystals in treating ailments. Scientists attribute the healing impact to the placebo effect that takes place when holding and meditating with crystals. All information published here is purely for educational purposes.

The Metaphysical Properties of Red Calcite

Red calcite is associated with the root or muladhara chakra which governs our physical energy and our sense of safety, security, and stability. As it balances and activates your root chakra, red calcite increases your self-confidence. It will help you become more at home and at peace in your own body. The stone also works to bring harmony among all the 7 chakras.

Looking for a stone that can help you generate fresh ideas for a project? Use red calcite. It will activate new modes of thinking, stimulating new and innovative concepts in your mind.

Red calcite will replenish your drive to try new things and give you the energy you need to take a project through completion. It will constantly fill you with energy to work hard and deliver results.

This stone is rich in loving energies that will open up your heart to love and romance. In effect, you'll be open to meeting new people and be more welcoming to potential relationships.

The stone will aid you in trusting people again and will make you become more confident with yourself. Red calcite can boost your sensuality and sexuality as you pursue intimacy with your partner.

Turn your plans to actions and your love life from zero to hero”only with red calcite. Shop for red calcite crystals here (limited supplies available!).

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