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How Titanium Quartz Gives Your Chakras and Creativity a Boost

How Titanium Quartz Gives Your Chakras and Creativity a Boost

Titanium quartz is the closest thing to holding the rainbow in your hands. This iridescent crystal not only stuns with its vibrant array of colors, it fills its user with renewed energy, creativity, and inspiration as well.

Crystal lovers are also drawn to the high vibrations of this colourful crystal which align the chakras, cleanse the aura, and widens a person's consciousness.

The Physical Properties of Titanium Quartz

Titanium quartz is a natural quartz or amethyst crystal coated with titanium oxide to create its rainbow-coloured surface. Most of this crystal's healing and metaphysical properties is attributed to its captivating physical features. Its metallic base and multi-coloured sheen consisting of rich violets, yellows, greens, and blues stimulate strength, desire, and motivation.

These colours show alternately depending on which angle you view the crystal from. This colour-shifting feature is a real treat to the eye, which makes this crystal even more special.

Being a quartz crystal, titanium quartz has amazing durability with a hardness rating of 7-8.


The History of Titanium Quartz

Titanium quartz is one of the many human-enhanced quartz crystals treated to improve their appearance. Other metal-coated crystals include angel aura, aqua aura, flame aura, and opal aura/rainbow quartz.

Metals used to give these crystals a metallic sheen are gold, copper, indium, niobium, and titanium. Through vapour deposition, quartz crystals are placed inside a vacuum chamber and heated to 871 °C (or 1600 °F).

In the case of titanium quartz, only little heat is used to embed the titanium layers and give it its distinct rainbow colours. The colours stay on permanently and the crystal remains durable.

Treated crystals are used as gemstones, jewellery, and decorative pieces.

The Lore of Titanium Quartz

There is no recorded information on myths or legends related to the crystal.


The Metaphysical Properties of Titanium Quartz

The bonding of quartz and titanium oxide elevates the metaphysical properties of titanium quartz. This is because the crystal combines the individual healing benefits of each matter, while the rainbow colours that titanium oxide imparts raises the crystal's vibrational frequency. The result? A myriad of healing properties in one powerful crystal.

Chakra balancing

First off, titanium quartz is a good chakra balancer. It maintains balance among all the 7 chakras. Since the crystal contains the colours of the rainbow, titanium quartz resonates with each of the chakra and can bring harmony to all the energy centres. This crystal also cleanses and purifies the aura.

Here's how you can use titanium quartz for chakra work:

Lie on your back and place one crystal below your tailbone and another above the crown of your head. Put it in your pocket or carry it with you so you have access to its energy wherever you go.

Spiritual guidance

This high vibrational crystal facilitates connection between you and your spirit guides. It helps you to properly work with your third eye and crown chakras to establish that wisdom and higher consciousness so communication can be possible. Use titanium quartz during meditation, journaling, and keep it close when you sleep.

Maximize the power of your crystal by:

  • Placing it on your bedside table (for spiritual guidance)
  • Holding it in your non-dominant or your receiving hand (for guided meditation)
  • Placing it on your desk (for journaling)

Enhanced creativity

We all experience creative slump. Maybe you're a writer who's struggling with frequent writer's block, or a crafter who hasn't created anything in the past few months. If your creative drive has run dry, use titanium quartz to replenish your inspiration and productivity.

Other creatives use this crystal to kick off their ideation process and articulate their ideas. Titanium quartz can help bring out the ideas sitting dormantly in your head. It also boosts your ability to express them in a tangible way.

How to use titanium quartz to pump up your creative juices:

  • Lie on your back and place one crystal on your sacral chakra area (on your navel/below your belly button, the seat of your creativity) and another on your throat chakra (the base of your throat, where self-expression resides)
  • Visualize your 2 chakras connecting so as to connect your creative ideas and expression

Let your awesome ideas flow naturally and be your most creative self. Get the finest titanium crystal you can find here!

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