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What on Earth Is Lepidolite

What on Earth Is Lepidolite

Lepidolite can help us answer questions about the essence of ourselves; who we are, what we are, and from where we came. These reflective questions are good ones to ask while meditating with this stone. This stone can help you change your mindset, renew your old feelings of anger or resentment and adapt them to positive emotions of love and openness. If there was ever an out with the old, in with the new-stone, this is it. Leopoldite can help to get over those things that we sometimes hold onto and be ready for what is next.

1. The Physical Properties of Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a type of Mica which contains a monoclinic crystal system. The luster of the stone is generally viteous or pearly. It comes to a 2.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This stone has a good level of transparency or tranlucidity. Lepidolite is often pink or purple from the Lithium contained within it.

2. The History of Lepidolite

The stone associated with balance and harmony as the meaning of its name comes from the Greek word for scale. It is an excellent grounding stone which helps to eliminate negativity and to promote renewal. It is a calming crystal, similar to quartz and red jasper. The stone has been used historically to stabilize to aid concentration. It calms and is helpful when dealing with stress because it creates equilibrium. Those who suffer from anxiety will find release from this problem by holding Lepidolite or meditating with this stone. Purification, stress relief _and calm are words we can associate with this stone. It helps to see the beauty in yourself and other people. Leoplodite helps to treat insomnia, rest your mind, and to experience calm, soothing feelings. Feelings of sadness and sorrow diminish from using Lepidolite. It helps to break dependency* with other people as well as dependence on substances.

3. The Lore of Lepidolite

Some say it is known as the Grandmother stone for its loving, healing capablities. People seem to find comfort in its nurturing vibrations. Medically it has been used for bipolar treatment, to stabilize the condition. It can aid you during difficult times of high stress, such as death of a close one, changing jobs, or going through a divorce. Because it is a mood stabilizing stone, it has anxiety reducing characteristics. Those who suffer from depression can be helped, with the release of meridians in the body.

4. The Metaphysical Properties of Leopoldite

Lepidolite is an excellent stone to meditate with; it helps to reduce negativity and to give you the balance you need. People can use it to open up the third eye. Many find it useful to use this stone to practice Astral Travel.

Lepidolite is linked to the heart chakra and the crown chakra. When the heart Chakra opens, it will help for emotions to flow naturally, the way they should. It allows you to break away from blockage and let you shine with all your beautiful gifts and everything that each of us has to offer.


The stone can help anyone who sufferers from depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety or the people who are going through a moment where it is difficult to deal with the changes going on around you. It helps to see the beauty around you and to prolong the joy of living life; it can revitalize your sense of self and letting your true emotions shine through.**