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What Is Creedite?

What Is Creedite?

Creedite is synonymous with spiritual growth. This high-vibration crystal aids its user to instantly reach a clear meditative state. It does this by activating the third eye and crown chakras which results in mental clarity, heightened awareness, and creative visualization.

People who meditate with creedite report receiving direction and inspiration from the Divine.

Apart from its metaphysical benefits, creedite is a rare mineral with striking colours and crystal formations. It's a collector's item which is usually found in well-curated mineral collections rather than in jewellery collections.

The Physical Properties of Creedite

Creedite consists of colourless, white, orange, and purple prismatic crystals. The purest and most distinct variety is orange creedite known for its spiky crystals going out in all directions (often likened to the rodent porcupine and its coat of sharp spikes). The rest of the creedite varieties have a druzy form with tiny crystals covering half or the entire stone.

Creedite is translucent to transparent. With a perfect cleavage and a Mohs hardness rating of 3.5 to 4, this crystal wouldn't make a durable material for jewellery. Perhaps fewer than a dozen creedite crystals have ever been polished into faceted stones, according to the International Gem Society.

The crystal is sensitive to acid, so wearing it for long periods is not advised.


The History of Creedite

Creedite is a hydroxyl halide mineral that forms due to the oxidation of fluorite ore deposits. The name creedite derives from the name Creede Quadrangle (located in Mineral County in Colorado) where it was discovered in 1916.

Later on, the mineral would be found in other fluorite veins in Nye County, Nevada; in the Darwin District in Inyo County, California; in the mines of Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua in Mexico (home to rare facetable creedites); and in the Grand Reef Mine in Graham County, Arizona. Creedite is also found in La Paz, Bolivia; Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan; and in the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan.

The Lore of Creedite

There is no lore or legend associated with this mineral.


The Metaphysical Properties of Creedite

In crystal healing, creedite is known as a protector of spiritual health and a tool for accessing ancient knowledge. It is used in understanding ancient information encoded in the Akashic Records and the Lemurian seed crystals.

It provides clarity and wisdom to its user. This crystal is most useful for carrying out plans and decisions that have long been shelved. Consider displaying a creedite cluster in your office to ensure that plans and strategies are executed well (and desirable outcomes are achieved).

Creedite is also thought to help with matters of the heart. Use it to heal your heart and move on from a breakup. It helps with getting over a relationship that isn't right or beyond repair.

Each creedite variety has unique attributes and uses:

  • Colourless/white creedite - Activates the chakras or energy fields and raises vibrations. It also provides courage and wisdom in making life-changing decisions.
  • Purple creedite - Serves as a channel for receiving spiritual knowledge and guidance from angels, spirit guides, and the Higher Self. It instills confidence and determination as you pursue higher spiritual paths. Purple creedite balances and energizes the crown chakra, resulting in the ability to interpret and understand dreams.
  • Orange creedite - Develops your creative vision and raises your vibration when in the workplace. It drives away negative energies and purifies and recharges other crystals (although you need to recharge it after use). Use orange creedite to increase the likelihood of success in your career or business, or to gain confidence when embarking on a new season in life that requires independence.

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