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What on Earth Is Aegirine?

What on Earth Is Aegirine?

Also known as acmite (green-coloured, fibrous variety), Aegirine may occur in combination with other minerals, such as Tugtupite, Albite, Kakotokite, and Arfvedsonite. The colour of Aegirine stones may look like their black, but they are brownish black or very dark green. Localities, where Aegirine can be found, include Kola Peninsula (Russia), Mont Saint Hilaire (Canada), Narsarssuk (Greenland), Kongsberg (Norway), Scotland, USA, Nigeria, and Kenya.

The Physical Properties of Aegirine

Aegirine forms crystals that have become classic collectibles among collectors. It is a sodium iron silicate that occurs in black to brownish black to a greenish colour. Aegirine crystals are opaque to translucent, have a vitreous lustre, and value of 5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale. It commonly occurs in pegmatites, carbonatites, nepheline syenites, and alkalic igneous rocks, as well as in iron formation, gneiss, and metamorphosed schists. The aegirine crystal habit includes prismatic crystals terminated by an asymmetrical pyramid.

The History of Aegirine

In 1835, Aegirine was first described for an occurrence in Rundemyr (in the Øvre Eiker municipality, Buskerud county, Norway). Aegirine got its name after the Norse god of the sea, Ægir (Aegir). Acmite (Greek for point, edge) is a synonym for the mineral about the typically pointed crystals. The name was given because the first minerals were discovered in Norway. Aegirine may occur in combination with other minerals, including Albite, Kakortokite, Tugtupite, Natrolite, and Arfvedsonite.

The Lore of Aegirine

The aegirine stone helps the wearer's body regarding detoxification. It eliminates toxins, boosts the metabolism, nervous system, and immune system, and reinforces the liver, gallbladder, and spleen. It's an excellent crystal for generating physical energy and stamina, and it heals the one who wears it from illness, pain, and injury. Aegirine is also an energy-transferring crystal, or Reiki stone, that operates on the power of touch.

The Metaphysical Properties of Aegirine

Aegirine is a stone that can assist in breaking out of tireless daily routines filled with negativity, and pushing you towards focusing on positivity in your life. It can bring out the strength from within that may have been buried underneath all the internal balances. It's believed to be great for anyone struggling with addiction. Aegirine operates on a high vibrational frequency, and aids in protecting and clearing that of which is saturated with negative energy. It is a confidence-driven gemstone that can help people with a lack of appreciation and self-love. Once you can realize how strong you are, you will be able to attract all the positive energy around you that you may haven't realized is there all along.

Concerning emotions, Aegirine is a support stone when one needs to overcome sadness, sorrow, misery, or despair by melting all the negative patterns, approaches, and energies caused by remorse, guilt, shame, feeling of abandonment, and unimportance. It encourages the wearer to follow the truth, and take a step back to perceive the bigger picture of life, giving the power to accept things. Aegirine enables one to generate personal and universal energies, to realize that there's light after dark that will heal all the negativities of life. The stone emits good energy to uphold the character of honesty and bear the progressive, karmic, and spiritual powers. It is believed that Aegirine activates the base or root chakra.