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How to Make your Own Crystal Vase or Bowl

How to Make your Own Crystal Vase or Bowl

There’s lots of different crystal vases and bowls out there, but they can get pricey pretty quickly. So why not make your own? And I’m not talking about actually carving the stone, but adding some flare to your existing plain glass bowls and vases!

With this DIY project you’ll be able to let out some creative energy in a small decoration that can be totally customised to be perfect for any space!

What You’ll Need:

Step 1 - What’s your Glass of Choice?

There’s so many options for what glass you could use to glue your crystals to; bowls, vases, cups, other decor pieces. We’ll be using candle holders for our project, which means our candles will be infused with the metaphysical properties of the crystals we glue on to it, which is a super cool little bonus feature of this craft.

You can get your glassware from anywhere you like, the dollar store, your local thrift store, or maybe you have a piece just laying around that you want to add some ✨pizzazz✨ to.

Step 2 - Getting Ready to Glue!

So you got your glass, great! Next we have to prep it for glueing.

For most pieces, especially those that are unpackaged and exposed to the air and dust, it’s usually best practice to clean before use anyway. Wash with soap and warm water to get rid of any dirt and grime, then dry with a link-free towel. You can then go over it a second time with acetone, or nail polish remover, to get rid of anything that could be left over. There’s a lot of particles, oil, and other nasties on the material that could affect the glue, causing it to be less effective.

Speaking of the glue, you really have to use a glue that is made to bond to glass. If you don’t, your craft will come apart a lot faster than you would like it to. Most advanced crafters recommend E6000, Loctite Glass Glue, or Epoxy Resin. Keep in mind, if you decide to use the Epoxy, do your research on what personal protective equipment you’ll need, how to safely use it, dispose of it, and what to do if it gets on your belongings or skin!

Step 3 - Gather your Crystals

Do you already have the perfect selection of crystals? Perfect! If not, you can pick any crystals you like, which is so much fun but can be a little daunting having so many options available to you. Let’s make things a little easier and give some quick tips on making your decision!

Colour is a huge factor in how you want this piece to look in your space. Do you want it to blend in, be a little more discrete until you get up close? Or do you want it in your face, as a beautiful pop of colour in your living room or office? Tiger’s Eye is a great neutral coloured stone, that is gorgeous once you get up close, and Amazonite is that perfect teal shade for a stand out piece!

How do you want your craft to feel? What energy should it give off? Well, if it’s in your living room or bedroom, it should probably be something that gives you a relaxed vibe, something like Amethyst or Smoky Quartz. If it’s going to your work or study area, something to help you focus or bring success could be useful, like Fluorite or Pyrite.

Depending on your glassware, you could have any size of crystal you want! We have relatively small pieces we’re working on today, so we have small chips for our crystals. If you have a wine glass, bowl, or large vase, you can change up the size to match the look you’re going for.

Step 4 - Let’s Get it Started

Your glass is prepped, your glue is here, you’ve chosen your crystals. There’s one thing left to do: start glueing!

Now that you have your cleaned and prepped glass in front of you, you can either give it a thin coat of paint to help break up any gaps that might be caused by the shape of the crystals, or you can keep it clear. We won’t be painting ours since we want the candle light to poke out from behind our gems.

Crystal chips, glass candle holder, and E6000 glue all shown.

You can start glueing pieces on in any way you like, randomly or in a pattern. We’re going to paint glue on the candle holder, then roll the candle holder in a bowl of itty bitty chips, making a more "glittery" look. Using more translucent or transparent chips will also help this effect once the light from the candle starts poking out

Rolling candle holder in crystal chips

Once you get the pieces on, all you have to do now is give your glue however long the manufacturer recommends to dry, and you’ll be good to use your new custom crystal glass bowl however you like!

Crystal Candle Holder beside some plants