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What on Earth Is Barite?

What on Earth Is Barite?

Barite, often used as a protection stone, was discovered about 200 years ago. A generally colourless mineral, Barite is often tinged with colours like red, yellow, grey, brown, and blue. Found all around the world, Barite is the primary source of barium and has been extensively used in the religious practices of Native Americans (for shapeshifting and going to the spiritual world). It often occurs as void-filling crystals and concretions in sediments and sedimentary rocks.

The Physical Properties

Barite is composed of barium sulphate and takes a variety of forms. It occurs as a prismatic, blade, and large tabular crystalsas well as in lamellar crystal formations. Depending on the included mineral content, Barite can be black, brown, green, blue, red, yellow, or colourless (some can be fluorescent.) Tabular or bladed Barite crystals can form a concentric pattern of crystals (orthorhombic crystal structure) that has the appearance of a flower. Barite has a high specific gravity (4.5) which makes it suitable for various manufacturing, medial, and industrial uses. On the Mohs scale of hardness, Barite has the value of 3-3.5.

The History

Sometimes referred to as Bologna Stone, the phosphorescent specimens found in the 17th century near Bologna gained notoriety among alchemists. Barite is extensively used in drilling muds (as a weighting agent). It's also used as a weighted filler for rubber, cloth, and paper and as a pigment in paints. Because it can block x-ray emissions, it is used to make high-density concrete for these purposes.

The Lore

Native Americans have used Barite in their rituals for a long time. Meditating with Barite assisted in ceremonial astral travel because it was believed that it brings a stronger sense of inner vision. It made the transitions between physical and spiritual worlds smoother, allowing the traveler to discover new spiritual realms. Barite was also said to stimulate the dream state and help understand the imagery once one comes to awareness, which is why it was used for dream recall and dream therapy.

The Metaphysical Properties

Barite is known to have a substantial effect on one's psyche. Known for its grounding capabilities, Barite is said to have the ability to assist in resolving psychological issues - it clears the mental obstacles by releasing trapped emotions. The stone can enhance one's self-assuredness and provide a durable connection to the spiritualplane. It is also believed that Barite can balance one's brain chemistry/manner of thinking and improve memory retention. That is especially helpful for people with obsessive-compulsive behaviours, such as compulsive thoughts about money, agoraphobia, cleansing one's body, and cleaning.

Barite has been used as a healthy muscle and skin stimulant for alleviating issues like psoriasis, eczema, acne, and fungal infections. It has been used as an agent against inflammation (when placed in direct contact with the body) and to ease the chills of heavy fever or hypothermia.

Baritegemstone is said to harmonize well with Danburite and Fluorite in releasing trapped negative emotions. Once you manage to get rid of the pain by setting your emotions free, it brings forward the calmness of one's inners state and increases self-assurance.