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What On Earth is Black Kyanite?

What On Earth is Black Kyanite?

Updated July 19, 2023 by Alexandre Baillairge

Black kyanite is a silicate mineral commonly found in aluminum-rich metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. The most common color of kyanite is blue. However, it also comes in black, orange, green, and indigo. There are other colors that are quite rare, and they are grey, pink, yellow, and white.

Black Kyanite is used in refractory and ceramic products. It can also be used in electronics like abrasives and electrical insulators.

The Physical Properties of Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite is a unique mineral with a distinctive crystalline structure that sets it apart from many others. The manner in which it forms and grows results in intricate, uncommon, and somewhat mysterious configurations. These intricate shapes can range from flat, bladed crystals to more complicated and irregular formations, often radiating outwards in a fan-like pattern. Each formation tells a unique tale of the conditions under which it formed, making each piece of Black Kyanite as unique as a fingerprint.

One of the most significant identifiers of Black Kyanite, and kyanite in general, is its anisotropism. Anisotropism is a property that describes a material's varying physical or mechanical properties in different directions.

In the case of kyanite, this means that its hardness varies depending on the axis along which it's measured. This property is unique among minerals and provides an easy way to identify kyanite. For instance, its hardness can be as low as 4.5 when measured along its length (longitudinal axis), and as high as 6.5 to 7 when measured across its width (transverse axis). The overall hardness of Black Kyanite is typically around 5.5.

Black Kyanite

The History of Black Kyanite

Although Kyanite has various colors, its name is derived from the same origins as that of the color cyan or the Ancient Greek’s meaning dark blue. This is mainly because blue was the most common color when it was first discovered.

It is mostly found in the Americas, ranging from the US all the way down to South America, Brazil. Europe also has countries where Kyanite can be found like Italy, Austria, Yugoslavia, and Switzerland. The three Asian countries that have the mineral is Burma, India, and Myanmar. Kenya also produces kyanite.

Black kyanite is known as the Witches Broom. It is called this due to the belief that it has the power to sweep debris and negative energy that blocks from your chakras and auric field. Once this is done, you are free to fly high on your crystalline broom.

The Metaphysical Properties of Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite is great for deflecting negative energies, making it great for protection. It assists in channeling, vivid dreams, altered states, dream recall, and visualizations. Black Kyanite assists in protecting these states, and brings honesty, loyalty, and tranquility, and reduces confusion and anger.

Black Kyanite replaces any broken areas in chakras or auras. It’s an excellent meditation tool and helps you access your subconscious mind. Even being able to explore past-lives. Kyanite amplifies and transmits high-frequency energies.

Black Kyanite brings a calming and soothing energy throughout the body. This mineral calms and clears your mind in preparation for meditation, and aids in accepting psychic and intuitive thoughts as well as dream recall.

It can also provide comfort with health issues concerning the parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, and the urogenital system. This crystal also helps with treating disorders in the throat, brain, or the muscular system.

Black Kyanite is a stone of such high vibrations that is affects the aura of anyone within its presence thus helping the lines of communication to open between people. This stone grants the user ultimate protection all kinds of negativity as it corrects the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies all while keeping the person grounded and centered.

Black Kyanite surrounds the aura with this protective energy shield that eliminates any and all adverse energies. There is no other stone that compares to the high vibrational energy of Black Kyanite. To enhance the abilities of Black Kyanite, use it with any other Kyanite from the Kyanite family.