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What on Earth Is Bronzite?

What on Earth Is Bronzite?

Bronzite is the iron-bearing variety of enstatite, very commonly found in meteorites. These fascinating space rocks have many interesting properties and frequently used in crystal healing lore, which considers them an ideal stone for those born under the star sign of Leo.

The Physical Properties of Bronzite

The building elements of bronzite are iron, magnesium, oxygen and silicon. Bronzite has fibrous inclusions, and its colour is usually a greenish brown with transparent, translucent or opaque transparency.

However, perhaps the most distinctive quality of bronzite is its submetallic bronze lustre which is what it was named after. Bronzite is rated with a 5.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, and it has an orthorhombic crystal system with a distinct cleavage quality.

The History of Bronzite

The most significant localities for finding bronzite are in Sri Lanka, India, Austria, Germany, South Africa, USA, Finland, Norway, and Greenland. It owes its bronze-like colour to the iron found within, and some pieces can have beautiful golden and red chatoyant patches which make them look even more enchanting.

The Lore of Bronzite

Bronzite is one of the stones that has been particularly cherished by the ancient Romans, as they used it to make protective amulets and decorative objects. However, using bronzite without another stone to balance out its metaphysical effects can be less than pleasant, so it's essential to learn more about what bronzite can do.

The Metaphysical Properties of Bronzite

Bronzite has bright and radiant energy that can work exceptionally well on the heart chakra to encourage forgiveness and compassion. It's a stone of harmonious energy that is said to have the power to send the negative energy back to its owner. However, that can create a loop of negative energy bouncing back and forth, so it's advised to use another strong psychic stone like black tourmaline to balance out these effects.

As for its physical healing properties, bronzite is said to balance out the body's natural transition through its cycles and bring it back from an alkaline state into acidic balance.

But perhaps the most potent effects of bronzite are reserved for helping us change our state of mind. Bronzite is known as the stone of courtesy, as it's said to help nurture a gentle nature in people, even those that you only interact with. It's also a great stone to use for meditation that will help you see your future more clearly and help you decide what the right path is for you. Bronzite can be for daily self-confidence boosts which will instill you with the courage to follow through on your dreams and come to terms with your thoughts and feelings.

Strong psychic stones like bronzite are standardly a part of a crystal healing arsenal, but they should be used with care and consideration. If you keep bronzite by your side, it's likely to help you weather any storm, as long as you balance out its effects so that you can break free from the shackles imposed on you by everyday life and modern expectations.