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What on Earth Is Leopardskin Jasper?

What on Earth Is Leopardskin Jasper?

A silicon dioxide, leopardskin jasper is a type of orbicular or banded jasper that displays red, pink, brown, cream, with colorful inclusions of tan, pink, red, black, gray, and brown (with a pattern reminiscent of a leopard's skin). These unique and gorgeous patterns are produced by the stone's various inclusions which are a mix of mineral oxides and organic material.

The Physical Properties of Leopardskin Jasper

Belonging to the jasper family, it has a glassy lustre and a Mohs hardness rating of 6.5 to 7. It is a tough and durable stone often cut and polished into beads, cabochons, pendants, and tumbled stones.

Leopardskin jasper is a highly porous stone. To preserve its polish, clean it as often as possible with warm soapy water and a soft dry cloth. Keep it from prolonged exposure to heat to prevent discolouration.

The History of Leopardskin Jasper

The name jasper comes from the Greek word iaspi which means spotted stone. Jasper is known as one of the oldest stones in the world. The Bible even chronicles it as a healing stone with several healing properties.

Jasper comes in many rare forms. It has different names based on where it's found: there's Owyhee jasper found in the Owyhee Mountains, Rogueite from the Rogue River, and Ochoco Jasper found in Ochoco Lake.

Benefits of leopardskin jasper

The Lore of Leopardskin Jasper

Ancient civilizations attributed many healing properties to jasper. Legends have it that wearing jasper from the point of childhood will protect a person from ghosts and drowning incidents.

It is also believed that girding their body with the stone protects against accidents and promotes the fulfillment of wishes. Leopardskin jasper is said to be a protective stone against wild animals and creatures.

According to German and Viking legends, the hilt or handle of Siegfried the dragon slayer's sword was inlaid with red jasper. This was to instill courage in him. The Native North American tribes called red jasper the blood of Mother Earth. Ancient Egyptians believed that the stone was the fertilizing blood of Mother Isis.

All jaspers were used for carving texts on sacred amulets. Then these amulets were placed on the bodies of the dead to facilitate a safe passage into the afterlife.

The Metaphysical Properties of Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin jasper carries energies that repair ailing organs and ruptured tissues. It may also treat kidney, liver, abdomen, and gallbladder problems. This jasper variety replenishes the body's strength and vitality to overcome lethargy and exhaustion.

Leopardskin jasper can also be effective in healing emotional wounds. It alleviates pain and hurt from past experiences. It minimizes guilt and resentment so its wearer can live happily and peacefully. Leopardskin jasper also soothes extreme emotions such as anger, hatred, anxiety, and worry and replaces these emotions with renewed self-confidence.

The stone also helps in building wealth. It provides you with the mental and emotional strength you need to prosper in your career and to achieve your financial goals.

To meditate with leopardskin jasper:

  • Hold the stone in your hand.
  • Sit in a quiet place. Allow the energies of the stone to envelope and fill you.
  • Set your intentions to it and focus on the outcomes that you want to achieve through the stone.

Besides meditation, you can carry the stone in your purse or in your pocket to tap into its energies. You can also place it under your pillow or your nightstand.

Note: There is no scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of mineral stones and crystals in treating ailments. All information published here is purely for educational purposes.

Scientists attribute the healing impact to the placebo effect that takes place when using stones and crystals. Holding stones and meditating with them is said to trigger the release of feel-good hormones (endorphins and dopamine) in the brain.


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