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How Merlinite Unleashes Your Psychic Visions

How Merlinite Unleashes Your Psychic Visions

Updated July 16, 2023 by Alexandre Baillairge

Merlinite was named after Merlin, the wizard, because of its ability to attract magical and mystical experiences to those wearing it. It is usually black and white, but some stones have bluish black and deep grey colours. It is found only in New Mexico, USA.

Physical Properties of Merlinite

The Merlinite stone is a combination of opalized agate containing inclusions of the dendrites, which is why it is also called dendritic opal and dendritic agate (although that's not a pure form of opal). The term dendritic is used to describe anything that has inclusions of moss, tree, or fern.

Merlinite is a label given to this specific form of mixed agates as it's not a classified mineral name. The stone has a hardness of 6-7 on the Mohs scale, and it's often confused with Mystic Merlinite (also called Indigo Gabbro).

History of Merlinite

Merlinite is a trade-name for a stone included with psilomelane, which is a group name for hard black manganese oxides. The many different minerals that can be present in Merlinite (such as hausmannite, pyrolusite hollandite, coronadite, barium, potassium, cryptomelane, and braunite) combined with druzy, tiny quartz crystal make Merlinite a rare version of the manganese stone.

Lore of Merlinite

Also known as the Magic Bearer, Merlinite is believed to reveal things for what they truly are by helping remove the perception of illusion. It is a stone of duality because it speaks about the black and white, and the dark and light.

Merlinite can attract powerful magic and good luck in one's life. Its energies can enhance spiritual power, clear out psychic visions, and invite the discovery of the darker and profound parts of one's being. They will encourage the stone's bearer to communicate with the spirits from the other side and help develop their psychic knowing.

Healing Properties of Merlinite

Merlinite, recognized for its distinctive shamanistic vibration, serves as a gateway for accessing the energy pulses of the natural world. It aids in establishing a harmonious connection with elemental beings, enabling you to communicate with the entities that constitute the basic forms of nature. This could be as profound as feeling the whispers of the wind or sensing the silent growth of a tree. These interactions serve to enhance an individual's understanding of the universe and their place within it.

This stone is revered for its ability to stimulate and enhance spiritual mediumship, the practice of mediating communication between spirits of the dead and living beings. It augments psychic knowing, providing clear, intuitive insights that delve beyond the surface level of conscious thought. These qualities could be particularly useful in situations that demand deep introspection or when making important decisions.

Is Merlinite related to the wizard?

Merlinite is believed to carry the profound ability to summon memories of past wizards and alchemists, the most notable being the wizard Merlin. These memories, deeply embedded within the stone, provide a rich tapestry of wisdom and understanding that can be tapped into. Additionally, Merlinite is thought to assist in establishing contact with spiritual guides and teachers residing in higher realms. These entities can provide guidance, knowledge, and support on your spiritual journey.

The stone can act as a beacon of enlightenment, its unique properties drawing on both light and dark aspects of knowledge. This balance is said to provide a comprehensive understanding of one's true self. Accepting and understanding both light and shadow aspects of oneself is an essential step towards self-realization and spiritual growth.

Learning with Merlinite

Merlinite also enhances creativity and provides clear psychic visions, enabling one to explore innovative ideas and perceive hidden truths. As a stone of duality, it encourages an individual to confront and comprehend the darker aspects of their higher self. This exploration helps achieve a state of balance, leading to personal and spiritual growth.

Its unique vibration harmonizes earthly and heavenly energy, creating a balanced, grounded aura that promotes approachability and openness. This balance serves as an invitation for spiritual growth and self-awareness, helping you to form meaningful relationships and interact more empathetically with the world around you.

The stone encourages its users to welcome and accept unusual circumstances and experiences that stray from the common path. This adaptability is pivotal in understanding the world's diversity and appreciating the rich spectrum of experiences that life has to offer.

Merlinite is also believed to enhance understanding of the God and Goddess archetypes, helping users gain a more profound understanding of divine masculine and feminine energies. This deeper understanding aids in achieving an internal equilibrium of these energies, promoting balance and harmony within one's self.

Which chakra is Merlinite good for?

Resonating strongly within the third eye chakra, Merlinite is said to facilitate the development of psychic knowing and mediumistic abilities. This stimulation opens up a realm of possibilities for heightened intuition, deeper spiritual understanding, and effective communication with higher spiritual realms. Thus, Merlinite serves not only as a spiritual companion but also as a tool for personal growth and self-realization.