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What on Earth Is Nuummite?

What on Earth Is Nuummite?

Originally Published: Dominic Yasay, October 15, 2021

Updated: Ashley DeCator, June 9, 2023

Known as the world's oldest mineral, nuummite is an iridescent black rock popularly known as the Sorcerer's Stone. It is believed to be around 3 billion years old, storing the wisdom and blazing energies of the ancient Earth. Because of its gorgeous sheen, it is cut into cabochons and used in craft and jewelry.

In the world of metaphysical healing, nuummite is considered as a powerful grounding stone that carries vibrations that increase luck, intuition, and clairvoyance. The stone is also believed to have the ability to provide deep healing and unleash a person's innate strength and courage.

The Physical Properties of Nuummite

Nuummite is a metamorphic rock made up of the amphiboles anthophyllite and gedrite, and certain amounts of chalcopyrite, pyrite, and pyrrhotite.

It has a black base (sometimes an intensely dark brown) with flashes of yellow, gold, blue, violet, and green all throughout its body. These colours are caused by the interference of light reflected from sub-microscopic, alternating exsolution lamellae formed by gedrite and anthophyllite.

Nuummite is an opaque mineral with a hardness of 5.5 to 6. When polished, the stone displays a beautiful vitreous to glossy lustre. It forms a conchoidal fracture when broken.

The History of Nuummite

Nuummite rocks crystallize in layers and masses. Nuummite was first discovered in the small city of Nuuk (the capital of Greenland) by the mineralogist K. L. Giesecke in 1810.

Although the rock has been around for billions of years and was believed to have formed during the Late Archean period, it was only recognized in the trade in 1983.

Due to Greenland's predominantly arctic climate, nuummite is only mined a few months in a year when the ground is not frozen. It is also found in small quantities in some locations around the world. These include Canada (Yukon River), Finland (Kainuu), and the USA (Wyoming).

Nuummite properties.png

The Lore of Nuummite

Nuummite is brimming with natural energies. It is thought to rouse instincts that have been dulled by urban living and overdependence on technology.

When used in the workplace, nuummite can boost decision making skills without foregoing logic. The stone is also believed to keep exhaustion at bay after a long day of work.

Some people see nuummite as a masculine stone that lends a supportive energy to single fathers. It is also a stone used to address issues with fathers or grandfathers. When used with novaculite, nuummite aids in releasing curses and ill wishes.

The Metaphysical Properties of Nuummite

This stone bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual plane, introducing you to a higher knowledge that results in growth and prosperity. Nuummite also opens the third eye and unlocks your psychic abilities.

As an ancient stone, it carries the secrets of the Earth and those of the lives of people who once inhabited it. This is why many people use this stone to uncover mysteries.

Throughout history, nuummite has been used as a talisman of protection. It can keep you unscathed from negative energies, curses, and evil attacks.

Metaphysical healers recommend wearing or carrying a nuummite stone when you're in uncomfortable situations or environments, or when you're in the presence of people that threaten your peace.

Nuummite protects your energy as you go about your day even when you're constantly exposed to negativity.

Meditating with nuummite together with moldavite will fill your mind and heart with transformative energy. This energy will free your heart from trauma and negative emotions that hold you back from achieving progress in any area of your life. As a result, you'll be able to fully grab new opportunities and live a life of forgiveness, peace, love, happiness, and success.


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