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What on Earth Is Ocean Jasper?

What on Earth Is Ocean Jasper?

In metaphysical healing, being drawn towards the energy and presence of Ocean Jasper might point to a deep seated need for inspiration and encouragement.

This stone carries the liberating energy of the sea which allows you to ride out and adapt to life's challenges. Its swirls and orbs are likened to that of the moon's. This is why the stone is also used for full-moon meditation.

Let's know more about Ocean Jasper and its accompanying properties.

The Physical Properties of Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is also known to many as Cellular Jasper, Orbicular Jasper, or Atlantis Stone. It is a rare type of the silicon dioxide mineral Jasper and belongs to the chalcedony group.

Its distinguishing feature are its orbs or circular marks around its body which come in brown, green, yellow, blue, white, red, or pink. Its base is often a chocolate brown, moss green, or a creamy white colour.

Ocean Jasper is made up of silicon dioxide microcrystals. It can be translucent to opaque. In terms of hardness, this stone is rated 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale. And when broken, Ocean Jasper produces a conchoidal fracture.

The History of Ocean Jasper

This orbicular chalcedony has been known for decades. However, it was only properly named and documented in the late 1990s.

Ocean Jasper was first discussed in writing some time in 1922, but its specific whereabouts was unknown. A piece of Ocean Jasper was found and brought to the Museum of Sciences in Paris in 1950. However, this discovery did not come with the knowledge of its exact source other than the fact that it was found in Madagascar.

Then in 1997, mineralogist Paul Obenich went on a 45-day search for Ocean Jasper along the coasts of Madagascar and his quest was rewarded.

Obenich found out that the stone's location is only visible during low tide which made the prior searches for the stone a real challenge. Ocean Jasper is found dormant under the waves. It is only visible when the tide recedes.

In 2000, Obenich brought the Ocean Jasper he discovered to the Tucson Gem Show where the stone stirred the curiosity and interest of gem enthusiasts.

Years after this discovery, the location where Obenich found the stone was reportedly mined out in 2006. The Ocean Jaspers in the market today are sourced solely from Maravato in Madagascar, making the stone extremely rare. It is usually fashioned into tumbled stones, spheres, or beads.

Ocean jasper properties

The Lore of Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is considered as an excellent travel crystal which helps prevent seasickness. It is believed that carrying or wearing the stone when travelling overseas treats nausea. It also serves as a stone of protection, keeping its user safe from accidents during sailing and fishing.

For ancient Egyptians, jasper was associated with the menstrual blood of the goddess Isis. They believed that the stone could aid pregnant women to have a safe delivery and breastfeed well.

The Metaphysical Properties of Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is used to energize and align the throat, heart, and solar plexus chakras. When these chakras are in harmony with one another you are more poised to achieve joy, happiness, and increased emotional stability.

Are you struggling with letting go of anger, resentment, or pain caused by others? This stone will help you release this emotional baggage that may be weighing down on your heart. Ocean Jasper can improve your ability to name overpowering emotions and give you the strength to move past them.

Here's how to use it to clear your heart and mind:

  1. Close your eyes. Picture yourself floating on waves.
  2. Take long and deep breaths.
  3. Imagine each wave getting smaller and further apart than the last.
  4. Once you've calmed down and cleared your head, try to identify the negative emotions that you're experiencing at the present moment.
  5. Keep an open mind, then investigate these feelings with acceptance. Try to recite them aloud if it helps. Repeat these steps until you feel a sense of clarity.

Finding it hard to process emotions or sort relational issues? Holding or wearing this stone is said to aid in bringing sensitive feelings out in the open and understanding them. It’s also believed to help in lowering emotional barriers that prevent people from connecting with one another.

It is especially useful for couples who can't find a common ground between them.

Ocean Jasper is also an excellent stone for enhancing self-love. Work with it so you can become more comfortable with yourself, boost your self-esteem, and to live out your true self.

During meditation, hold an Ocean Jasper stone and cast affirmations to it. To start with, below are some affirmations you can recite:

  • I'm happy, joyful, and worthy of love.
  • I deserve to love and be loved.
  • I love and accept my body and what it does for me.
  • I treat myself how I want others to treat me.
  • I wholly accept myself for who I am

Meditate with Ocean Jasper when you're feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed.


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