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What on Earth Is Picture Jasper?

What on Earth Is Picture Jasper?

Picture jasper is a beautiful stone that helps you get attuned to the earth's consciousness. Its picture-like patterns are believed to store vast records of the world's history and the wisdom of ancient civilizations. It also renews your physical and spiritual energy.

The Physical Properties of Picture Jasper

A type of chalcedony, picture jasper is formed in nature through the hydrothermal process. In terms of composition, geologists call it chert’ or a hard and opaque rock made of silica. Historians classify it as flint, a hard gray rock consisting of chert.

Out of all the varieties of jasper, picture jasper is perhaps the most eye-catching variety. Its tan, reddish brown, orange, and gray colours perfectly arrange themselves on the stone like a landscape painting, depicting a vast expanse of sand dunes basking in the warm sun. These colours are caused by its high iron content as well as its other mineral inclusions.

The stone is rated 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means it's tough and durable enough for cutting and polishing applications that involve abrasion and impact. It is often fashioned into beads and cabochons.

The History of Picture Jasper

The name jasper is derived from the Greek word iaspi which means spotted stone. Picture jasper has been used in ancient times as a material for dishes, vases, and weapons. In some cultures, the stone is considered a symbol of power, abundance, and status. Ancient Egyptians used jasper as a jewelry material while the Minoans used jasper to make seals.

Benefits of picture jasper

The Lore of Picture Jasper

Since the olden times, brown and green jaspers have been called the rain bringer. It was used to summon the wind and rain to save harvests during the drought season. Jasper was also used to protect ships from harsh storms.

It is used throughout history as an amulet against evil spirits and witchcraft. Some would wear it on their breast to prevent fever, stomach pain, epilepsy, swelling, and to stop nosebleeds.

Red jasper was used by the American Indians to search the land for water. They believed that the red stone helped heighten the searcher's sensitivity to the elements of the earth.

The stone also has uses in divination. Picture jasper is known to open one's eyes to visions and activate dream interpretations, while black jasper is known as a good scrying stone.

The Metaphysical Properties of Picture Jasper

Picture jasper is associated with the base or root chakra which is at the base of the spine. This chakra holds the control for feeling and movement; the powerhouse of our physical and spiritual energy.

When the base chakra is thrown off balance, you may feel sluggish, uninspired, less enthusiastic, and may feel the nagging need for stimulation. An imbalanced base chakra can also manifest through a feeling of restlessness and disconnectedness from the present moment.

If you're feeling any or all of these, wear or meditate with a picture jasper to restore the balance in your base chakra. In effect, your physical body regains its strength and vitality and your spiritual energy will be filled with security.

You can also use picture jasper to activate your third eye chakra, the centre of command, consciousness, and perception. When this is activated, you're able to direct your vision more firmly and your awareness of the world is sharpened.

A balanced third eye chakra results in a healthy inner world. Your mind and heart is more open to new ideas, visions, and dreams.

In the world of feng shui, brown picture jasper is said to possess the wood energy, which is attributed to the energy of growth, abundance, expansion, healing, nourishment, and new beginnings.

As such, you can display it in your dining room, in the room of an infant or toddler, or that place in your home where you're working on a new project or business.

Wood energy relates to the east and southeast of a building. These areas are associated with family and health, as well as abundance and prosperity.


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