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What on Earth is Wulfenite?

What on Earth is Wulfenite?

As interesting as its name, Wulfenite, among other minerals, is composed of the chemical lead molybdate “ far from the usual minerals that have crystalline silicate forms.

Wulfenite is considered as valuable ores that are identified as thin tabular crystals whose color varies from orange-red to yellow-orange, depending on the location from where the deposits are mined. Brown pigmented wulfenite is also common. The crystal's naturally vivid colors are the reason why gemstone aficionados go crazy in collecting wulfenite.

The History of Wulfenite

The discovery of wulfenite dates back to the year 1845, first occurring in Bad Bleiberg, Carinthia, Austria. Wilhelm Karl von Haidinger named the crystal in honor of the famed Austrian mineralogist, Franz Xaver von Wulfen.

Wulfenite is locally mined in areas such as the Red Cloud Mine in Arizona. Given its namesake, crystals in this place occur in a deep red color, typically crystallizing in a defined form. In Los Lamentos, Mexico, bulky tabular orange pieces of crystals are usually produced. Pyramid to bipyramid yellow crystals forms in the locality of Mount Peca, Slovenia.

Make no mistake in underestimating wulfenite, it may be pleasing to the eye but due to lead content found in this crystal, it is important that this gemstone be handled with extra caution.

The Healing Powers of Wulfenite

Wulfenite sparks creativity, giving you that artistic rush that invites new ideas. People who have writer’s block or artists who are uninspired will benefit from this crystal. This is also useful for balancing your emotional body, helping you face the negativity that burdens you by getting you more in touch with your natural feelings. Doing so brings a sense of optimism in one's life.

It also functions as a meditation crystal, sharpening one's spiritual and intuitive senses to help bridge the gap between the physical and the ethereal plane.

It also promotes resonance with the Earth, giving you a solid connection with worldly energy. Aside from the metaphysical benefits harnessed from the stone, wulfenite also has considerable holistic properties like restoring the uterus into its usual state after undergoing childbirth or a miscarriage. It does this by stimulating menstruation, cleaning and emptying the uterus for a better flow and results to hormonal balance.

Aside from the reproductive system, wulfenite can also reinvigorate and restore the functions of all the body systems. Finally, this crystal can boost your overall health by regulating the body's metabolism or by addressing metabolic problems.