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Interior Decorating with Crystals

Interior Decorating with Crystals

The options are endless when it comes to interior decorating with crystals. You've spent time and money picking out those pieces, why not show them off? You can curate an energy flow specific to you and your home, or you can just put your prettiest pieces out for display!

The Benefits of Crystals in Your Living Space

Every crystal has its own metaphysical properties, so deciding what properties (energies) you want in certain areas of your home is the first place to start when interior decorating with crystals. What you choose to display in your bedroom may be different than what you choose to display in your office or living room. If you're not sure what your crystals mean, do some research so you display them in the most effective way.

Crystal Decorating Ideas


Crystal Bookends

Jazz up a bookshelf with crystal bookends. Sodalite, agate, and rose quartz are just examples of what's possible. Large, heavy stones in similar shapes could also function as bookends.

Agate Slices

Agate slices look great when displayed on stands, but they've become popular as drink coasters and look great stacked on a tabletop. Agate is known to be a very grounding stone and can promote balance, harmony and calm. Placing a drinking glass on top of an agate slice can infuse the beverage with the crystal energy, which makes this décor idea not only pretty but magical too!

Another popular way agate slices can be used in interior design is in hanging frames. The banding on agate slices can be exceptional, and when mounted on a plain background in a glass frame the colouring can be very beautiful. Some artists paint the edge in metallic gold or silver to make it sparkle.



We all know about the beauty and benefits of salt lamps, and while they are always a good choice for creating a relaxing and warm environment, crystal lamps are also options for creating an inviting space.

Crystals such as clear quartz, rose quartz, selenite, onyx, fluorite, and agate are all used to make crystal lamps. Size and shape can vary, but many crystals are in their raw form when made into lamps.


Candle Holders

Candles and crystals go hand in hand! Fire and smoke can cleanse and charge your crystals, so crystal collectors often have a candle collection too. If you're working with spells or manifestation, candles can help amplify your magic along with crystals. Some crystals are made into candle holders for tea lights such as amethyst, rose quartz and aventurine. If you have a candle you want to infuse with crystal magic, small tumbled or raw crystals can be placed in the wax making your favourite candle even more powerful.

Tabletop Décor

Pieces like giant generators and stunning spheres are meant to be seen and loved, so display them in your space! Find a sphere stand that matches your aesthetic vibe and place the sphere in a central location and design around it as your center piece.

Raw crystal chunks are very popular for tabletop décor and can be used as decorative clutter or tchotchkes. In a bedroom, rose quartz might be suitable or in an office, maybe clear quartz or fluorite would be a nice option. These crystals not only have metaphysical properties than can enhance the rooms energy, but they also can still be very shiny and glossy in their raw form.

Crystals can also be made into bowls, as we often see with selenite, aragonite and fluorite. Using crystal bowls to hold other crystals that work in tandem with the bowl can be an effective way to display small tumbles or chips that otherwise can be challenging to display in a pleasing way.

Crystal Planters & Terrariums

Embrace nature by combining plants and crystals together decoratively. Geodes look great with air plants which are low maintenance and require very little care. Terrariums can also benefit from crystal magic, and it looks beautiful with a small crystal inside. You could also upgrade a simple planter pot with some adhesive and small pieces of your crystal of choice. This is a great, and fun way to add some sparkle and magic to your décor.

Crystal Furniture


Totally elevate your space with a statement piece. Crystal furniture combines functionality, crystal magic, and interior design all in one. Amethyst tables, chairs and quartz bathtubs are on the high end of crystal furniture, but there has been a rise of crystal and resin tabletops recently. Resin (when not dyed) dries crystal clear and can be an excellent canvas for sparkling crystals. Crystal furniture can be an investment but can exponentially change the energetic vibe of your space.

In Conclusion

A crystal collection doesn't need to sit on a single shelf or table top for you to reap the magical benefits, scatter crystals throughout your house in ways that work for your style and space and enjoy their energy everywhere you go. From small pieces on tabletops and bookshelves, to statement pieces like tables or chairs, there are endless options for interior decorating with crystals!