Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Points

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SBILemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Points for sale! This magnificent crystal quartz is mostly came from a very particular mine in Brazil. It has extraordinary properties. It is well-known by horizontal striations and smooth surface. Similarly, it is well-known by the delicate wavelike etchings upon its faces and or sides. Underneath these surfaces is a clearness that is matchless.Lemurian seed points truly are exceptional variety of clear quartz.Lemurian Seed carries connection with the Divine Feminine along with an amalgamation of the soul. Termed to the earliest mythical civilization of Lemuria, they open entry to knowledge and ancient wisdom of a dissimilar perception. Lemurian crystal are recognized from this name at the same time as they have the power to let you get back information, from ancient Lemuria, through stones. These are amazing quartz formations, which will help you to retrieve information, which has the ability to enable you to solve problems within your present life. Continue with working and meditating with these stones, for they have the power as well to contact with members of the good kingdom. Stonebridge Imports presents to you this amazing Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Points that will surely enlighten your customers and boost your sales. Stonebridge Imports in Canada serve the bestLemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Points wholesale and retail products! Click on any product below for more details:



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