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Natural Point Crystals

Natural Point Crystals

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Pointed crystal quartz is the most common mineral found on the face of the earth and occurs in all environments and all rock types - sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous. Pointed crystal quartz is a compound of silica and oxygen and has a very unique structure, growing in a hexagonal (six-sided) structure, with additional faces sloping towards a point at one end.

Points may be totally clear and transparent, or they may contain streaks, lines, rainbows, water bubbles, or other inclusions. They may also appear cloudy.

Quartz comes in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Specimens can be found as pyramidal, prismatic, drowsy, barnacled (called “Fairy Quartz” or “Spirit Quartz”), phantom, twinned, clustered, sceptered, microcrystalline, fibrous, or banded. They can be found in veins, geodes, concretions (masses), stalactites, crusts, sands, etc.

Quartz crystals vary widely in habit but most often are found growing as slender elongated prisms, pyramidal points or clusters.


Since its discovery, people have believed in the magical properties of quartz.

Earliest Greek, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations used quartz crystals as amulets and talismans. Ancient Japanese culture believed that quartz was made from the breath of a white dragon. They associated Quartz with perfection.

Aboriginal tribes in Australia and South America link quartz crystal with creation myths, believing that the crystal guided the creation of all life forms in the universe.

Beginning in the middle ages, different forms of crystal quartz like balls and skulls have been used in many rituals to predict the future.

The mineral is an indispensable component in creating electronic devices due to its ability to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Quartz crystals are used in creating radios, transistors, microphones, digital watches, computer chips, and electric guitars.

Healing and metaphysical properties of quartz

Quartz is a highly prized mineral in the world of alternative healing. It is considered a powerful healing stone; a “Universal Crystal” with a diverse range of benefits in healing and meditation. It is also used to protect and channel energies.

Below are other healing and restorative benefits associated with Quartz:

  • Restores harmony in environments
  • Balances energies in relationships
  • Stimulates healing
  • Boosts mental and physical vigor and stamina
  • Accelerates spiritual growth and wisdom
  • Elevates creativity
  • Clears the mind
  • Stabilizes emotions

Pointed crystal quartz is a gift from the earth that Stonebridge Imports proudly brings to you. We serve the best pointed crystal quartz in Canada. Check out your options below!

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