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Updates and Promotions

Updates and Promotions

The month of December we were in Brazil for a buying trip. That was one of the most successful trip we ever had. Like mining, it all depends on you to be in the right place at the right time. It is like weaving, because the producers depend on what the miners bring up from digging. So, what you find today you won't find another time, despite it is raw material or worked polished and carved gemstone. In this particular we were very lucky in finding amazing specimens at a very affordable prices that we are now to passing along to our customers.

But not everything is pink or blue¦ We had all set up for the show in Tucson, and when crossing the board we were refused entry by US Customs, saying we need a special Visa in order to sell or to do business in US. In fact Customs is doing their job and they are right, regardless the fact that most of the foreign vendors in Tucson come in as tourists and therefore illegal. We are now getting the proper Visa, however this happening made a large impact on our business causing a big financial loss.

We are now bringing all the untouched merchandise straight to our warehouse in Canada where we are planning a spectacular open house with all the products on sale. This is a unique opportunity for all our customers to stock up their inventory at prices they have never seen before. There will be more than 6,000 lb of products in a large selection and variety. And we do need a little help from our friends¦ More details to follow¦

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