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4 Ways to Sell Crystals Online

1. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok)

The simplest way to sell crystals is through social media. This is also how many crystal resellers started their business and probably how most crystal fanatics were introduced to crystals.

Whether you'd like to sell items individually or in bulk, selling through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok is easy and straightforward.

Facebook and Instagram

You can post your products on your page or in Facebook My Day/Instagram Stories. Alternatively, you can sell large volumes of crystals by hosting Live sales on Facebook Live or Instagram Live.

Another way is to use Facebook Marketplace. Anyone who has a Facebook account can browse products listed here. Just identify the exact location where you want to sell your products and advertise your crystals to the residents in that area. Interested buyers will then be able to send you a message or contact you by phone, then you can set up a meeting.

You'll be responsible for planning the meeting with the buyer, shipping the product (via a third party courier or delivering it yourself), and concluding the transaction.


Starting in 2021, crystal shops all over the world have experienced a massive spike in sales of various crystals like moldavite and carnelian. Crystal owners credit this trend to TikTok. There's an entire ecosystem of crystal geeks consisting of content creators and users on there that share info about many different crystals, what they do, and how crystals impact their lives.

So if you're looking for a platform that can act both as your sales and marketing channel, consider TikTok.

All you have to do is set up a TikTok Commerce account so you can flexibly sell your products in your TikTok videos and on the product showcase tab of your profile page. It also allows you to perform product discovery, create product detail pages and manage product shipping, billing, purchases, and returns on TikTok.

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2. Create Your Online Shop on Shopify

If you plan to sell large quantities of crystals, starting a Shopify store might be your best bet. Building a virtual storefront on Shopify is easy and affordable”you can create your site using your phone. You can even customize your site according to your brand's look and feel.

The dirty work lies in generating traffic to your online store. Since your Shopify page doesn't come with an existing audience, you'll need to pump up your marketing to bring eyeballs to your shop. To help with this, Shopify has a built-in SEO feature. You can maximize this to rank your shop higher in the search results.

Fee starts at $29 a month. There's a free 14-day trial so you can test out their features before fully availing their monthly plans. Once you're sold out, you can then choose your desired subscription package depending on your budget.

3. Sell Crystals on eBay

eBay is one of the most popular sites for selling all kinds of stuff including crystals. Since 1995, it has grown a solid base of loyal customers from all over the world.

The platform lets you sell crystals individually or in bulk. You can even auction off unique pieces from your collection. Although templates on eBay can limit your product listings which may also limit the amount of information you use to market your products.

The fee structure for these services is lesser than other online shopping sites. In most cases, you pay eBay about 10 to 15% of the revenue per item you sold (excluding taxes). eBay charges $0.30 per listing after a specific number of listings in a month.

If you plan to sell your crystals to a broad audience, consider selling on eBay as it already has a huge global market. The site gets fresh traffic everyday. Satisfied buyers go back to the site every so often to check out new products. So there's not much need for you to promote your products since the site regularly generates traffic.

Simply boost your branding, create an awesome customer experience, and keep offering quality products and your customers will love you.

4. Create a Website

There are so many ways to build a website. But the easiest ways are to use a website builder or use WordPress. For people with no experience creating a website from scratch, the best option is to use a website builder.

Site builders like Wix, GoDaddy, and Squarespace offer a cheap and easy way to create your business page. They cover hosting services, have pre-made templates you can customize, a secure payment system, and small biz-friendly pricing packages.

Another option is the eCommerce platform WooCommerce. It allows you to build a personalized online store, with your own domain name. With a secure payment system, WooCommerce helps ensure that your customers have the trust and confidence to do business with you.

Like eBay, WooCommerce is a great place for selling different products. You can also design your store to align with your brand. However, building a WooCommerce store requires more work because it's a full website setup. You might need a professional to help you build your site if you're not familiar with it.

Take note though that WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. This means it's built for WordPress and it won't work on sites that WordPress can't host. There's also a subscription fee to pay per month for using the service.

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So, What's the Best Place For Selling Crystals?

The choice totally depends on your business goals; it's not a one-size-fits-all thing.

Stonebridge Imports started out as a brick-and-mortar shop in 2002 which made sense at the time because we wanted our customers to have a visceral experience with the beauty and properties of crystal. It was also a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to the neighbourhood, as we just arrived from Brazil then breaking our way into the Canadian market.

Over the years, our goals have changed along with the tools available to us. We eventually opened an online store in 2009 to give our customers increased access to our products amid an increasingly digitized economy. Then we used Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Amazon to boost our sales and marketing efforts and widen our reach across continents.

So it all relies on what you want your business to achieve and how you want to reach your customers. The features that each site offers are just tools for you to accomplish your objectives. But if you're just starting, perhaps you'll find social media and Shopify a great platform for selling your products easily.

As long as the platform fits your needs, is easy to use, and allows you to serve your customers conveniently, that platform should be right for your business.

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