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Which Crystals To Stock When Starting Your Own Crystal Shop

Which Crystals To Stock When Starting Your Own Crystal Shop

Whether you’re selling online or opening your own storefront, it’s difficult to gauge which stones will sell. Anyone who's just dipping their toes into the trade may feel disoriented or intimidated when it comes to buying stones, rocks, and minerals. When faced with thousands of specimens in every colour, cut, and size imaginable, how do you ensure you're making the right purchase?

Here's the thing: How you fill your inventory is truly up to what you want to offer your customers. Some sellers want to offer the most popular products right now. Others want to offer rare pieces. Others may want to sell both! Any approach is fine, as long as it works for your budget and your target customers.

To help you make an informed decision, here's a rundown of product suggestions by our rock specialists.

Tumbled Stones

tumbled stones colourful mix.jpg

Tumbled stones are small and meticulously polished pieces of rocks and minerals. They are made by placing rough rocks in a machine called a rock tumbler where they are tumbled for several days (along with abrasive grit) until they're smooth, shiny, and pleasing to the eye.

They come in a diverse range of colours, shapes, and sizes. Because of their enthralling beauty, these eye candies run a whole gamut of uses in accessory making. Tumbled stones are used for jewelry making, crafts, and decoration. People make bespoke bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories out of them.

Tumbled stones are also widely used in alternative medicine, energy healing, meditation, and ushering luck. Some people make a hobby out of owning and collecting unique specimens. There's really no end to how you can use these beauties in your life.

Each stone is classified according to its qualities and uniqueness. Price increases with quality. So the finer and rarer the stone (or if it has mineral inclusions that add more appeal to it), the costlier it becomes. For example, Rose Quartz commonly has a light pink colour, so stones that have a deeper shade may command higher prices.

We have hundreds of wholesale tumbled stone varieties cut in different sizes and sold in one-pound increments. You also get discounted prices when you order in bulk. Check out our collection here.

Raw Chips and Chunks

Amethyst rough chips deep purple

These are rocks and minerals in their natural rough state. They are often used in creating jewelry pieces, craft making, decorations, grids, and zen gardens. They are also used as materials for making tumbled stones.

At StoneBridge, we offer rough chips of various stone types imaginable. Sizes range from ½ to 5. We also have mineral chunks that are over 5, some of them being as large as 11 or 12. Most of these raw minerals are sold in packs of 500g (1.1 lb), but this can vary depending on the chip size and stone values. Some of our all-time bestsellers include:

Clusters and Points

A cluster (also called druze) is a group of crystals that formed or grew together. It can grow on the surface of rocks or minerals, or along the interior cavity of a geode. It consists of several crystal points embedded in one base. Clusters can either be tiny or huge – some are less than an inch tall while others can be more than one foot.

They are commonly used in energy healing. With its multiple points, one crystal cluster can release vast amounts of positive energy into a space. In Feng Shui, clusters are placed in different parts of a home or office to absorb negative energies. Clusters can also be used as decorative materials.

Popular sellers from our collection include Amethyst, Citrine, and Clear Quartz clusters that come in different sizes to suit different purposes.

Smoky Quartz Point with good termination.jpg

A crystal point is the sharp pinnacle or end of a crystal. It can either be on one or both sides. In technical terms, crystal points are called ˜terminations.' All crystals, large and small, can have a single or double termination.

Points on a crystal that resulted from natural processes are called natural points. They are often a result of mining or weathering. Rough, untouched crystals may have a single or misshapen point. Some of our best-selling naturally pointed crystals are Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Citrine.

Smoky Quartz Generator with rainbows - clear background.jpg

Some natural crystals don't contain any points at all, so they are shaped and polished manually or through a machine to give them terminations and to enhance their appeal. Thus, polished crystal points are made. The most popular type of polished point is the Generator (aka Tower) crystal which has a pyramidal or conical shape. It usually has six equal sides or faces that meet at the tip of the termination. Generators are used to charge crystals, with Clear Quartz being the most widely used crystal generator.

Where are crystal points used for?

There are many ways to use them, but both natural and polished points are typically used as energy tools in crystal rituals. They are beneficial in amplifying energies, radiating light, manifesting intentions faster, and releasing positive energies to people and environments.

To tap into their powers, crystal points are held during meditation sessions or placed in certain parts of a room that need energy cleansing. People also use points to complete a crystal grid (a geometric arrangement of various crystals to combine their powers) to effectively manifest goals, intentions, and desires. A crystal point is placed at the center of the grid to activate other crystals and seal intentions before sending them to the universe.

The Clear Quartz generator is the most common crystal used for these rituals. But there are plenty of other stones to choose from depending on your intentions. See more assortments of polished points here.

Bracelets, Pendants, and Pendulums

Rocks and crystals are also fashioned into other forms to serve aesthetic and healing purposes. Demand is often high and consistent for beads, bracelets, pendants, and pendulums.

Amethyst Type 2 Tumbled Bead Stretch Bracelet

Some people want to take with them the healing and energizing powers of gemstones wherever they go. And what better way to do that than wearing them as accessories. Colourful gemstone bracelets are worn to concentrate their energies on the hand, wrist, and arm. They are ideal for people involved in creative work using their hands.

Pendants and necklaces are also a great way to access the healing benefits of gemstones. When worn around the neck, these accessories radiate their energies in all directions, penetrate the deepest recesses of the body, and unblock the auras.

Golden healer tumbled pendant pack of 5.jpg

We offer a wide selection of bracelets and pendants made from pure and natural gemstones. This selection of unique, creative, and contemporary accessories feature mostly natural semi-precious gemstones: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Agates. All our accessories are handmade, each piece takes tremendous thought and care to ensure the finest quality and craftsmanship.

Browse through our bracelets and pendants pages to see each product up close.

Pendulums are tools to stimulate spiritual healing and growth. They are made from various materials like crystals, metals, wood, and glass. The material (fashioned into a circular or pointed object) is attached at the end of a metal chain. Pendulums swing back and forth or in a circular motion when held or hung from a fixed point.

They are useful in tapping into intuitive powers and seeking divine guidance, as they are tools for using and receiving information from spiritual beings. Pendulums are also used to balance the energies of the mind, body, and spirit.

To provide our customers with a wide range of options, we carry a bevy of handcrafted pendulums made from natural gemstones. Each product is cut, shaped, and polished carefully to reveal the stone's distinct qualities. Most of these pendulums are traditionally designed and were sourced from India and other locations around the world.

We have over a hundred different pendulum varieties for you to choose from. Check them out here.

Unique Pieces

White Ammonite Fossil on white background.jpg

If you want to be known as a rock shop that carries specimens that are difficult to find anywhere else, we have just the right products for your inventory of unique items. From rare rock types, stones with very distinct inclusions, to ancient fossils and coveted mineral specimens, there's always an underrated item to get your hands on.

At the moment, we have over a thousand unique pieces in our collection including specimens of a Watermelon Tourmaline in Pegmatite, White Ammonite Fossil, Amethyst skulls and cathedrals, Citrine geodes, and Clear Quartz generators.

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These are just a few suggested products you can start with as you build your inventory. We can't wait for you to start your shopping and explore deeper into the world of rocks and minerals. If you need further guidance on what products to offer to your customers, feel free to reach out. We're glad to be of help!

Should you want to begin shopping for supplies, we encourage you to create your wholesale account with StoneBridge Imports today. A wholesale account grants you access to our full list of discounted prices. Plus, it's a lot easier (and cheaper) to order in bulk when you're registered in our shop as a retailer.

Once you're ready, apply for a wholesale account here. If you have questions, send us a message.