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What Is Blue Aventurine?

What Is Blue Aventurine?

The energy of blue aventurine reflects the qualities of wind and water: calm, gentle, and refreshing. This stone promotes courage and inner strength. Blue aventurine emboldens you to be the master of your own destiny and to address what's holding you back from pursuing your goals.

Take a closer look at the history and properties of aventurine's lesser known variant.

The Physical Properties of Blue Aventurine

Aventurine is a type of quartz known for its mica inclusions. These inclusions give the stone its characteristic glistening effect (called aventurescence) which is more visible when aventurine is fashioned into cabochons and tumbled stones.

It is a translucent stone with banded patterns, although some pieces may be included with certain minerals that make it opaque. It is the mineral dumortierite that gives blue aventurine its pale blue to denim blue colour.

Aventurine has a Mohs hardness rating of 6.5, making it durable enough for many applications. It is widely used as a material for jewellery, bowls, vases, and figurines.


The History of Blue Aventurine

Where does the name aventurine come from?

It is derived from the Italian word a ventura or all'avventura which translates to by chance. This refers to the chance discovery of Italy's Venetian glass from which the stone's name was inspired.

Sometime in the 1700s, a group of glass workers accidentally dropped copper fillings into a vat of molten glass they were preparing. When it cooled, it turned into glass with a sparkling surface. The name aventurine was given later to the natural stone that looked similar to the shimmering glass.

Aventurine is found in many locations worldwide including Austria, Brazil, Chile, India, Russia, Spain, and Tanzania.

The Lore of Blue Aventurine

In ancient times, Tibetans ornamented the eyes of their statues with aventurine. They believed that the stone could boost the statue's visionary powers. Tibetans would also wear aventurine to enhance their eyesight and creativity.

Aventurine was known as the stone of the Amazons in the 19th century. This is because the aventurine deposits in Brazil were said to supply jewels and talismans to Amazonian warriors back in the day.

This glistening stone is used in various rituals aimed at attracting wealth, prosperity, and abundance. It also has the ability to calm troubled souls. To tap into its healing abilities, speak your fears into a tumbled blue aventurine. Breathe into the stone 3 times, then bury or throw it from a hilltop.

Various Native American tribes have been using aventurine during their medicine wheel healing ceremonies to show spirit guides the path to healing the heart. In this ritual, each participant holds an aventurine at their heart area. This is said to bring about a wash of love amongst participants as they connect with their spirit guides.

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The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Blue Aventurine

Blue aventurine's calming energy soothes raging emotions, while protecting your mental and emotional well-being from being affected by external influences. This gives you full control of your inner peace.

The stone also shifts your focus to matters in your life that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. Blue aventurine grants you a rational mind to take stock of the thoughts, actions, and decisions that are shaping your present reality, along with the wisdom you need to correct or sustain them to achieve your goals.

Use blue aventurine to reclaim your personal power and set yourself up for total healing.

Blue aventurine is related to the third eye and throat chakras.

It unblocks the third eye chakra (the chakra of command, consciousness, and perception) so you become more open to ideas and visions that widen your awareness. Blue aventurine works with your throat chakra (the centre of communication) so you can express your thoughts and beliefs effectively and be able to live them out.

Aventurines with a lighter blue shade carry balanced, flexible, and relaxing energies, while darker ones promote the truth.

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