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Gemstone Pyramids: History, Lore, and Uses

Gemstone Pyramids: History, Lore, and Uses

Since ancient times, the pyramid has been considered a sacred geometrical shape. It is believed to generate a powerful energy that heals, strengthens, and empowers.

Today, many people work with pyramids to improve their well being and switch to a healthy lifestyle. This is made possible by gemstone pyramids, or simply pyramid-shaped gemstones that you can use for healing rituals and meditation.

What is it with pyramids that make them so valuable in alternative healing? And what kinds of gemstone pyramids are used for specific healing purposes? All these and more in this article.

The Pyramid's Ability to Generate, Store, and Channel Energy

A pyramid catches energy from the universe through its apex and stores this energy in its core. It has a square base and four triangular faces that represent the four cosmic elements namely air, water, fire, and earth.

Pyramids are believed to generate a massive energy vortex that has the power to heal, rejuvenate, and purify people, objects, and surroundings. This sacred shape can also raise intentions and vibrations.

osama-elsayed-vqRMXgVtGXM-unsplash.jpg Credit: Osama Elsayed Unsplash

Many civilizations, especially the ancient Egyptian civilization, understood and believed in the ability of this sacred shape to manage energies. The famed pyramids of Egypt were built as royal tombs of their mummified pharaohs for better preservation.

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the mysterious structure built by Egypt's pharaoh Khufu 4,500 years ago, was regarded as an ancient energy machine (similar to Tesla power plants). Recent studies reveal that because of its shape, the pyramid can concentrate electric and magnetic energy within its chambers and under its base. This finding suggests that the pyramid can be used to create solar cells or sensors.

Tapping on the Same Energy Through Gemstone Pyramids

There's no need to visit the ancient pyramids to bask in the life-boosting energy they hold. Through a gemstone pyramid, you can draw energy from the universe, store it, and release it to wherever the pyramid is pointing.

Handcrafted from pure gemstones, gemstone pyramids come in a variety of colours and sizes. Different types of pyramids are used for crystal healing, meditation, and managing energies. And since they bring positive energies, gemstone pyramids are also used in feng shui. You can place them in any part of your home or office where healing energy is most needed.

Common Uses of Gemstone Pyramids

Promo-Website-Website landscape content.jpeg Credit: Castorly Stock Pexels

Many crystal healers believe that among the greatest benefits of the pyramid is that it can widen your consciousness. It even opens your eyes to the changes occurring in your body at this present moment, allowing you to better cope with them. Gemstone pyramids also assist with increasing your vibration and frequency.

Because of these benefits, pyramids are popularly used in the following practices:

  • Energy healing - This applies in healing the aura and the seven chakras. This is done by surrounding yourself with pyramids while you sleep. You can also form a pyramid grid as you create a crystal layout. This instantly releases energy to your body, increasing your vibrations and cleansing your aura.
    You can also input Reiki energy into a gemstone pyramid to increase its powers. Releasing your intentions into the pyramid directs more energy to your specific needs, be it healing, increased spirituality, abundance, etc.
  • Yoga - The exercise requires full concentration and presence of mind so you can hold different poses. If you're having trouble concentrating, placing a gemstone pyramid nearby and within your line of sight will give you a fixed point to look at. Pyramids also assist in sharpening the mental and physical states
  • Meditation - During meditation, hold a pyramid in your hand or place it in front of you. If you have a dedicated meditation space, simply place the pyramid anywhere in the room.
    In this application, the pyramid sends energy to you to raise your vibrations. This is especially beneficial if you're seeking spiritual awakening.
  • Preserving youth, beauty, and good health - It is said that placing a pyramid near your bedside induces quality, restful sleep which maintains your beauty and youthful look.
    In addition, gemstone pyramids can be used to create an elixir of good health. Just place a pyramid in or near your water jug for 1 to 2 hours. The power that emanates from the pyramid will energize your water and preserve your physical health. Make sure to clean your pyramid first before putting it in your water.
  • Food preservation - Some people take advantage of the preservation abilities of the gemstone pyramid to prolong the shelf life of their food and to keep its nutrients intact. They do this by placing a pyramid in their refrigerator.
  • Feng shui - As mentioned above, you can place pyramids anywhere in the room. But feng shui experts say that the southwest areas, the center, and corners of a home or commercial space are the ideal places for attracting harmony and good fortune.
  • Decoration and collection - These colourful crystalline structures are a sight to behold and instantly add mystique and elegance to any interior. Many people use them as decorations or give them as gifts to their loved ones. Others make a hobby out of collecting different pyramids or make them as keepsakes.

How Do I Choose the Best Gemstone Pyramids?

There are 2 main ways to select your pyramid:

  1. Be guided by your intuition and pick the gemstone that speaks to you. Going with your gut will often lead you to the pyramid that you need at the moment. When browsing for products online, pay attention to the pyramids' colours and see which ones call to you.

  2. The second way is to choose based on the pyramid's healing benefits. This depends on your intentions, desires, and the things you want to attract in your life. Note that all pyramids possess healing and energizing powers. The stone of which a pyramid is made (along with its benefits) is just an added benefit.

For starters, below are some popular gemstone pyramid choices and their uses:

For Nurturing or Attracting Love

Rose Quartz Pyramid.png Rose Quartz

For Meditation and Spirituality

Clear Quartz Pyramid.png Quartz

Amethyst Pyramid.png Amethyst

Malachite Pyramid.png Malachite

For Clarifying Thoughts and Removing Negative Feelings

Lapis Lazuli Pyramid.png Lapis Lazuli

For Improved Health, Self-Care, and Connectedness

Jasper Kambaba Pyramid.png Kambaba Jasper

For Attracting Wealth, Abundance, and Success in Business

Green Aventurine Pyramid.png Green Aventurine

For Increased Protection

Obsidian Pyramid.png Black Obsidian

For Radiating Intentions and Cleansing the Chakras

Golden Healer Quartz Orgone.png Golden Healer Quartz Orgone

Buy Real Gemstone Pyramids From a Trusted Supplier

Now that you know the basics of gemstone pyramids, the next step is to ensure you buy your items from a reliable rock shop. It's important to choose a supplier that not only provides you with a broad selection of gemstones, but also has a deep knowledge of pyramids, crystal healing, and more. You deserve a supplier who can help you make an informed purchase decision.

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