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Gemstone Spheres: A Gaze Into Their Origin, Nature, and Purpose

Gemstone Spheres: A Gaze Into Their Origin, Nature, and Purpose

Gemstone spheres, or more popularly known as crystal balls, have been around for thousands of years. It's impossible to think of these mystical objects without linking them to secrets, psychic activities, and fortune telling, as crystal balls have always existed against the backdrop of metaphysical healing and divination.

But gemstone spheres are more than the tales pinned on them since time immemorial. Palm-sized to giant spheres actually serve other purposes that can enhance (and even beautify!) your everyday life.

How Did Crystal Balls and Scrying Come About?

The earliest use of crystal balls traces back to the first century. For millions of years, crystal balls have primarily been used by psychics, mediums, and soothsayers (an old English word for speaking the truth) as a tool for fortune telling, scrying, and clairvoyance.

At that time, these spherical objects were called crystallum orbis then eventually orbuculum. Because of their shape, they are believed to distribute energy equally in all directions and raise positive vibrations. This makes crystal balls ideal for fortune telling and divination purposes.


Scrying is the act of gazing into a crystal ball or any reflective or translucent object to open one's intuition. It is believed that staring deeply into the ball (usually a Clear Quartz crystal) puts a person into a meditative trance, opens the subconscious mind, and allows a person to access information of their past, present, and future.

Hundreds of years later, scrying gained a sweeping popularity all over Rome. It also became widely accepted in the scientific community. However, the practice was denounced by the Catholic church as it is said to be forbidden in the bible.

The verse in Deuteronomy 18:14 specifically states:

…for these nations, which you are about to dispossess, listen to fortune-tellers and to diviners. But as for you, the Lord your God has not allowed you to do this.

Crystal Balls in Politics

In Europe, crystal balls only became a legitimate tool for fortune telling in the Renaissance period, specifically during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. It was the alchemist and mathematician John Dee who introduced the use of an Obsidian crystal sphere to the monarch.

Dee was the queen's advisor. Due to his ability to ˜communicate' with angels and demons through the crystal ball, Queen Elizabeth I relied on him for counsel and divine wisdom.

Fast forward to a few centuries later, American psychic and astrologer Jeane Dixon would be known for her political predictions using her crystal ball. In 1956, Dixon correctly predicted the assassination of John F. Kennedy, although many people are skeptical of the legitimacy of her forecasts. After her death in 1997, Dixon's crystal ball was auctioned off for $12,000.

Today, crystal balls continue to be used as a tool for fortune telling, as well as meditation, decoration, and more.

How Gemstone Spheres Are Made

How gemstone spheres are made.png

Spheres can be made from different types of crystals. They are formed from a massive crystal that is cut into a polyhedron, then ground into a rough sphere.

Afterward, the sphere is placed in a polishing machine where it undergoes an extensive polishing process with the use of increasingly fine abrasives.

As a final polishing step, the sphere is buffed to give it a smooth, clean, and shiny appearance.

Other Uses of Gemstone Spheres

In addition to gazing and fortune-telling, spheres are also popular for their ability to stimulate the flow of positive energy in chaotic environments. They also assist in uplifting a person's energy field, thereby improving their wellbeing.

It is for these reasons that crystal balls are widely used for:

1. Meditation - Like scrying, crystal spheres assist in tapping the subconscious mind during meditation. This is done by holding a crystal in each hand. There are different gemstones you can choose to meditate with depending on your needs.

For instance, you may choose a Shungite sphere if you want to access higher wisdom, or an [Angelite sphere] if you wish to be more calm and to get into your spiritual state.

2. Sending messages - This is often practiced by expert gazers when they're in a deep meditative state. They would imagine the person they want to communicate with in the crystal ball and send them a healing message. The crystal ball is then placed on an altar so the recipient can amplify the message.

3. Crystal healing - Spheres are also useful in crystal healing sessions. They help unblock and activate the chakras or energy centers when you form a crystal grid with it during meditation.

Spheres can also relieve pent up stress and tensions in the body. Rolling a Clear Quartz sphere over the area of discomfort is said to soothe and heal the affected muscle. You can use it with massage oils and lotions.

Others use 1- to 2-inch crystal balls as stress balls to ease their worry and anxiety. Choose a ball that comfortably fits in your hand. Have it ready at your desk or in your pocket.

4. Group harmony - Need a balanced energy or stimulate harmonious synergy within your group? Before conducting a meeting, group study, or brainstorming sessions, place a sphere in the center of a room or table to increase group harmony.

The crystal helps distribute energies evenly among the group members. It is also said to induce cooperation, creativity, and compromise in the group.

5. Decoration - Colourful gemstone spheres make great decorative pieces wherever you display them. Be it in your home, office, or garden, these natural crystals add a splash of colour and mystical elegance to your space.

Place it on a stand, cushion, or a candle holder in any corner of your room. Or create a line of assorted gemstone spheres against your wall or shelf to start a collection.

Feng Shui Properties of Spheres

Like gemstone pyramids, spheres are also used in feng shui as a beacon of peace and harmony in any environment.

In a house where arguments and disagreements often occur, a Clear Quartz sphere can be placed in the living room to ward off negative energies. You can also use a Rose Quartz sphere to bring in a gentle, loving, and nurturing energy.

In the workplace, spheres can be used to clear out chaotic energies and make the office become more conducive to productivity and efficiency. A Black Obsidian sphere is ideal for this application since it provides a grounding energy, which is great for businesses. Placing one on your desk is also said to help sharpen your focus and clear mental cobwebs.

Where to Place Your Spheres

Where is the best place to put your gemstone sphere? The answer depends on your needs. You will want to place it in an area that requires more harmony and soothing energy.

As a guide, you can follow the bagua or the feng shui energy map of your space which tells you the specific areas of your home or office that are connected to certain areas of your life.

Here are the common bagua areas:

  • Center - The heart of the home
  • Southwest - Love, marriage, and intimacy
  • West - Children and creativity
  • Northeast - Personal growth and self-development

It is said that the gemstone of which a sphere is made boosts its energy and healing powers. So to give you an idea, here are some popular gemstones and the metaphysical benefits they bring:

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz sphere.png

It is the ultimate stone for healing and cleansing which is why it is called the ˜universal healer.' Clear Quartz is mainly used in healing, meditation, and raising people’s consciousness levels.

The stone can also clear the mind, increase creativity, enhance intuition, and open the door to hidden psychic information. This is why it is mainly used in scrying. Clear Quartz is recommended for people who desire to embark on a spiritual journey.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz sphere.png

This stone is associated with all forms of love. Rose Quartz offers a gentle energy which also makes it an excellent choice for people who want to resolve issues related matters of the heart. Rose Quartz is a good fit for you when you need to extend forgiveness or be more vulnerable.


Amethyst sphere.png

If you're in need of healing energy, Amethyst is your go-to stone. It is also called a ˜spiritual stone' because it can connect its user to their highest spirituality. It is known to be an excellent tool for communicating with spirit guides and interpreting dreams.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz sphere.png

A calming and grounding stone, Smoky Quartz can help people struggling with emotional baggage, negative thoughts, and those who are resistant to psychic activities (consciously or unconsciously). When used in scrying, this sphere can illuminate a person's spiritual path and provide knowledge on how to pursue it.


Obsidian sphere.png

This black crystal serves as a mirror that shines light onto a person's soul and the deepest recesses of their mind. When used in scrying, Obsidian is believed to have the ability to show visions. Meditating with an Obsidian sphere helps melt away negativity and mental trauma.


Known as a stone of magic, Labradorite awakens abilities that are dormant within an individual. These abilities include prophecy, psychic reading, telepathy, prophecy, and clairvoyance. It is also said to be helpful in accessing the akashic records and communicating with spirit guides.

How to Choose Your Spheres

Picking out the right sphere to work with is pretty much the same as choosing any other gemstone shape.

  1. Choose spheres based on the healing benefit you need, or let your intuition guide you to what your soul requires at the moment. This depends on your intentions, desires, and the things you want to attract in your life.

  2. When shopping online, gaze into the photos and pay attention to the particular sphere that tugs at your attention.

Start shopping today by browsing our spheres collection.


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