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Healing Wands: What Are They?

Healing Wands: What Are They?

For centuries, crystal wands have been used as healing tools by shamans, healers, and metaphysicians all over the world. Today, crystal wands are still being used by healers and regular people like you and me.

Healing crystals have been used extensively used as a part of reflexology. They are used to radiate powerful energies which are said to be felt through the vibrations. And they’re even used for facials to cleanse the skin.

Healing wands come in different shapes and sizes and in many varieties of stone. Most wands are shaped and polished. They’re available in various shapes such as:

  • wire matrices
  • round
  • blocks
  • tapered
  • cylindrical
  • pointed

They can be long or short with a cylinder that is smooth or faceted. Or they could be pointed at one end and rounded at the other. They may even be rounded or rounded on both ends. Some wands are wide at one end and taper at the other end. Because of the variations, you could have a collection of healing wands with no two looking exactly the same.

Healing with Crystal Wands

Healing wands are believed to gather and direct energy because of its elongated, cylindrical shape that enables wand’s stone or crystal to direct its healing energy in a straight line. The wand’s point harnesses the crystal’s energy so that it can be focused on specific areas of the body that need healing.

There is no right or wrong way to work with a healing wand. But there are different techniques to heal a specific condition. Just listen to your intuition and let it guide you.

Drawing Away Negative Energy

Start by holding the rounded end towards the area that is bothering you. The negative energy will be directed into the wand’s rounded end and exit through the pointed end. The moment that you feel you have taken the negative energy away, turn the wand around so that its pointed end is now facing the area, and the rounded end points away from the body part or otherwise known as the universe. This replaces the negative energy that’s been removed with positive energy.

In the rules of crystal healing and chakra, it’s believed that energy waves are received by the left hand and automatically transfers to the right hand. The right hand is used to tune and conduct energy.

Choosing Your Healing Wand

When choosing your wand, let your intuition guide you. Pick up each of your choices and hold them in the palm of your hand; let them speak to you. Ask yourself if you felt a connection.

Find one that you relate to particularly if the healing wand is meant for your personal healing. Some have said that they feel a strong emotional bond with their healing crystals. In fact, wands are believed to get their strength not only from the material they are made of but also from the intention of the person handling them.