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Using Crystals for Better Feng Shui

Using Crystals for Better Feng Shui

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New to Feng Shui? For those unfamiliar, Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system that aims to harmonize all things within an environment. The most known application for Feng Shui is within the home – balancing out the flow and energy of a room to make it more relaxing and pleasing to be in.

Crystals give off a certain energy, and specific crystals have even more specific meanings. Including these crystals within your home can help to balance out this energy or bring a certain energy into a space.

The energy that exists within your home is extremely important. It can make you feel more confident, protected, attractive or relaxed. It's not as simple as simply picking out a crystal and placing it on your coffee table, either. You need to understand two concepts:

  • What the crystal means.
  • Where the crystal should be placed.

Where the crystals should be placed is a bit more complicated and personalized. It greatly depends on the exact area in question – only you know the layout of your room or home! Some standards typically exist across all Feng Shui energy maps, called bagua, like East being the cardinal direction.

If you're interested in delving deeper into Feng Shui, learn more about bagua and map out your own home. If you want to simply dip your toes in, focus on placing crystals in the Eastern part of your room or home.

The Best Feng Shui Crystals

Again, understand that the best crystals to use within your home will be very specific! However, there are many different crystals that are standards within Feng Shui practices. These offer the best neutral or across-the-board energies to your home:

  • Amethyst gemstones that have a deep purple color are often said to promote spiritual energy within your home. It's great for placing within a space where you often meditate or relax in order to feel more connected to your spiritual side.
  • For strength and clarity, clear quartz gemstones are your best bet. These crystals are very versatile and have something to offer everyone, from bringing you happiness to expanded energy.
  • Carnelian is a red-colored stone that is connected to warmth and wisdom, which makes it great for both your living room and bedroom. It's a comforting crystal that provides strength and stability.
  • Perhaps the most obvious choice because of its origin, jade is a very good choice for overall home Feng Shui principles. It contains a very relaxing, soothing energy that is soft – it's mellow, not harsh. Professionals suggest placing it in your kitchen or bathroom as they're commonly the health centers within a home.
  • Finally, rose quartz is a great crystal to include in your home to help deplete negative energies. This should be placed where people converse the most in order to help prevent arguments and foster positivity.

Also, many crystals are associated with physical ailments. If you have a physical issue you want to address, find a crystal that is associated with that issue and utilize it within your feng shui.

There's a lot more to feng shui than directions and crystals. We recommend you learn more about this Chinese philosophy and implement some of its techniques into your own home in order to exist within a healthier, happier environment.