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What Are Platonic Solids?

What Are Platonic Solids?

Geometric patterns govern the structures of things in this world. Everywhere you look, you can see a discernible pattern that dictates the form and order of every object that makes up our surroundings – from as minute as the cornea of our eye to as vast as how stars are grouped together to form a constellation.

Shapes and patterns satisfy the brain's desire for logic and sequence. Besides enforcing order so you can easily decode information around you, did you know that geometric patterns also symbolize unity, interconnectedness, and the mystical elements of life?

Metaphysicians believe observing and meditating with sacred geometric shapes and codes allow you to access a deep well of wisdom for improving your life and understanding the universe.

Before identifying which shapes serve these ends, find out what sacred geometry means and its significance.

Geometrical Shapes and the Soul

Platonic shapes and the soul.png

Sacred geometry plays a vital role in elevating consciousness and self-awareness. It is said to heighten your connection to your spirit. It promotes harmony within yourself, with others, and your environment. This ancient science also unites your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical states.

Metaphysicians believe that sacred geometry carries healing energies that soothe, heal, activate, and transform your well being. Sacred shapes and symbols work like codes that facilitate awakening and forge a rich connection with the divine realm.

During meditation, they help create pathways to the divine realm and even unite all life forms in the world. Overall, sacred geometry provides healing, harmony, unity, and balance to people, objects, spaces, and environments.

This is where the Platonic Solids fit in the sacred geometry equation. Platonic Solids are believed to be the foundation or ˜building blocks' of the universe, the geometric codes of creation. The universe's knowledge, wisdom, and experiences can be utilized with the use of the Platonic Solids.

What Are the Platonic Solids?

These shapes are referred to as regular polyhedra, meaning closed shapes that are composed of angles, faces, and edges that are all congruent. These structures are everywhere. Even microscopic organisms such as algae, snowflakes, and crystalline structures may have one of these shapes.

The exact origins of the Platonic Solids remain unknown to this day, but they were first introduced by Plato in his work Timaeus sometime in 350 BCE. According to the philosopher, all forms of matter (earth, air, fire, water, and ether) are represented by five elemental solids. These are the cube (also called the hexahedron), the octahedron, the tetrahedron, the icosahedron, and the dodecahedron.

Platonic solids.png

Plato compared the cube to earth as it causes dirt to crumble and represents the solidity of the planet. The octahedron was related to air because its smooth parts make the solid appear as if it is barely there. He associated the tetrahedron with fire due to its sharp points and edges that are like the heat from the flames.

The icosahedron was compared to water because like water, the solid flows out of one's hand. The dodecahedron was associated with ether, the fifth element; the shape that holds the stars and the entire universe together.

The Platonic Solids carry unique vibrations that provide balance and wholeness. These vibrations are said to enforce perfect form in cells. When cells are thrown off their supposed alignment and their energetic blueprint, the flow of life force is disrupted. This disturbs your energetic fields which results in physical ailments, as well as mental and emotional distresses.

The 5 Platonic Shapes and How They Work

In addition to maintaining perfect form, the Platonic Solids help address internal and external problems by tapping on the power sources of creation and manifesting a new life.

As you work with the solids, you allow yourself to become the channel of energy through which a new and better reality will take place. The solids are said to liberate you from your present problems and help you transition to your evolved state.

Think of them as switches that you flick to activate a new reality.

1. Cube


The cube has six square faces and its element is earth. This shape represents structure and foundations. It promotes organization of ideas, stronger support, security, and firmness of conviction.

Work with the cube when you are living or working in a rowdy or disorderly environment. The shape transmits stability and control to reduce physical, mental, and emotional tensions. It replaces negative energies with a sense of groundedness and positive attitude. The cube is also believed to heal back, skeletal, and kidney problems.

2. Octahedron


The octahedron consists of eight triangular faces and is linked to the air element. Air represents mental processes and this shape boosts mental focus, clarifies thoughts, and stimulates fresh ideas.

A disrupted form may cause confusion, uncertainty, and a negative attitude. It is also the reason for mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, obsession, and behavioral issues.

Working with the octahedron can promote increased self-awareness, improved decision making, and a wider perspective.

3. Tetrahedron


With four triangular sides, the tetrahedron represents the fire element. Fire is associated with ˜divine spark,' which symbolizes creativity, inspiration, and ingenuity.

An off-kilter form can result in demotivation, unhappiness, lack of vigor, or discontent. Physically, this disturbance can manifest through fevers, high blood pressure, and hot flashes.

A tetrahedron crystal assists in restoring joy, motivation, enthusiasm, and enlightenment.

4. Icosahedron


The icosahedron contains 20 triangular faces and symbolizes water. This element is associated with fluidity or the state of emotions. It enforces the form of emotional balance and your ability to adapt to experiences.

Oppositely, a distorted form can cause emotional instability and be overwhelmed by extreme or unpleasant feelings as a result of bad experiences. This is also said to result in water retention, bladder issues, and fluid imbalances.

Working with an icosahedron crystal can counter these health problems. The solid can ease movement as it brings the consciousness of water. It cleanses your energy centers and provides dynamic movement.

5. Dodecahedron


The dodecahedron and its 12 pentagonal sides symbolize the ether element. Ether represents the whole universe and the interconnection of all beings and creation. A disturbed form disconnects a person from their soul, causes disillusionment, and a lack of faith and divine guidance.

This Platonic Solid rekindles your connection with their inner being, increases acceptance of experiences, and brings inner peace. The dodecahedron also provides wisdom so you can understand incarnational experiences.

The Platonic Solids and the Chakras

Like natural elements, the Platonic Solids are also related to the chakras or the energy centers:

  • Cube - Root chakra
  • Octahedron - Heart chakra
  • Tetrahedron - Solar Plexus
  • Icosahedron - Sacral chakra
  • Dodecahedron - Throat chakra

Other geometric shapes like the Merkabah are associated with the third eye chakra, while the sphere is related to the crown chakra.

How to Incorporate the Platonic Solids to Your Life

It is believed that the Platonic Solids work by literally moving energy. Rotating each solid clockwise diminishes energy, while rotating it in a counterclockwise motion expands energy. Changing the angle and rate at which a solid is rotated creates new coordinates of consciousness.

It helps to visualize the speed and direction of the rotation as you meditate with the solid. This will give you information, wisdom, and direction in managing a situation or addressing an issue.

Platonic Solids (1).png

You can also place the Platonic Solids in certain areas in your home or office so they can usher healing in your space. Place all five figures in your study or work area to boost your concentration. Make sure to separate them according to elements and place them in different rooms.

Here are some tips from Living Enlightened Relationships:

  1. For calm and relaxation, place the cube in the bedroom.
  2. If a lack of enthusiasm and energy is felt in your house, place the octahedron anywhere where the crystal is visible.
  3. If someone is in despair, use a dodecahedron to instill positive spiritual energy in your environment. Speak your intention into it.
  4. If there's an overwhelming vibe that makes the space feel heavy or stifling, use an icosahedron in different areas. Then have everyone (including your pets) in your home or office spin the figures to move the energy within your space.

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